TU Series

Test Gas Generation Systems TU Series

Test Gas Generation Systems

The test gas generation systems in the TU Series include a test gas generation system for evaluating the performance of various kinds of gas sensors, as well as systems for generating simulated gases for evaluating catalysts. These systems are personally tailored to customers’ intended uses.
Among the systems we offer some utilise multiple mass flow controllers to mobilize functions (e.g. to generate gases of any concentration, to add moisture, to control supplied gas pressure and to heat gases) thereby allowing for comprehensive control via a PC or PLC.
A common use of this product within the biotechnology field is as an atmosphere gas supply system inside fermenters.

Segment: Semiconductor
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd.
  1. Test gases can be generated to meet all purposes through simple operation
    • The large touch panel makes it easy to generate gases to evaluate the performance of various types of advanced sensors
    • The addition of accurate moisture and humidity control of test gases is enabled by mass flow controllers that perform micro-flow control of fluid and built-in vaporizers
    • A single unit can perform sensor evaluation thanks to the special heat exchanger and evaluation chamber for each type of sensor, both of which are built into the system
    • Advanced test gas generation involving changes in concentration of the generated gas over time, the flow rate, and so forth is enabled through the PLC in the control unit
    • A safety function can be integrated to detect abnormal operations by mounting a temperature sensor, gas leakage sensor etc.
  2. Evaluation systems can be tailored to the intended use based on flow control technology
    • Evaluation systems for combustors for city gas or propane gas
    • Atmospheric gas control systems
    • Evaluation systems for chemical catalysts, etc.


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Test Gas Generation in Research and Testing Laboratories
Test Gas Generation in Research and Testing Laboratories

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