Tunable Deuterium and Tungsten-Halogen Light Sources

Tunable Broadband Light Sources

Deuterium and Tungsten-Halogen tunable light sources are convenient and affordable solutions for your laboratory experiments. Their optimized optical design, delivers efficient and power stabilized broadband optical power with variable aperture and selectable bandwidth with wavelength ranging from 180 nm up to 2 micron depending on your choice of the lamp.

These tunable light sources are used to study wavelength dependent chemical, biological, and physical changes or properties over a broad range of applications such as:

  • Solar simulators
  • Photochemistry
  • Photo-activation
  • Photobiology
  • Spectroscopy
  • Optical teaching labs
  • Pump probe
  • Dermatology
  • Catheter illumination


HORIBA offers a wide range of spectrometers, all compatible with our Deuterium and Tungsten-Halogen tunable light sources designs, depending on your spectral resolution, wavelength range and budget.

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific

Key Benefits of the Tunable Deuterium and Tungsten-Halogen Light Sources:

  • Optimized optical design and coupling to achieve maximum light throughput
  • Continuous and computer controlled adjustment of the optical bandwidth
  • Pre-aligned illumination capable of outputting monochromatic light over a broad wavelength range
  • Perfect for system integration




HORIBA Scientific spectrometers suitable for use with the LSH lamp housing

 TypeFocal Length (mm)Resolution1 (nm)F/## of Gratings TurretDual Entrance/ExitAutomation

MicroHR Series

MicroHR Manual Imaging Spectrograph1400.253.91No / YesTurret (optional)
MicroHR Automated Imaging Spectrograph1400.253.92No / YesTurret (optional)

Triax Series

Triax 180 Imaging Spectrograph1900.33.93No / NoTurret
Triax 190 Imaging Spectrograph1900.33.93No / YesSlits (optional)

Gemini Series

Gemini 180 Double Monochromator360 (180 + 180)0.153.81No / NoSlits

iHR Series

iHR 320 Imaging Spectrograph3200.064.13Yes / YesTurret
iHR 550 Imaging Spectrograph5500.0256.43Yes / YesSlits
Lamp type100 W Deuterium100 W Tungesten Halogen250 W Tungesten Halogen
Broadband optical power at focal point0.001 W1 W2 W
Nominal image size229.5 mm H x 6.2 mm W (flattened helix)
11.7 mm H x 5.5 mm W
(cylindrical helix)
Color temp. at rated powerN/A3300 K3400 K
Focal distance3.62 inches, 92 mm, from front of housing
Housing dimensions8.44 x 6 x 5.19 inches, 214 x 152 x 132 mm (L x W x H)
Weight12 pounds, 5.45 kg

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