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Notice of log in from bookmark

You can bookmark our distributor's site and log in from bookmark again. In this case, the log in page looks like picture as below.  If you are a Microsoft account user, please click the link "Sign in with a Microsoft account" at the bottom of the page.

Registration Guide of the HORIBA Distributor's site


Why register?

HORIBA provides various documents for contracted distributors.  To use the site, please register your Microsoft account by following steps.

Registration steps

  1. Register from the registration form.*
    *To register, it is required to input your Microsoft account** or an Organizational account of Microsoft.
    **What is a Microsoft account?
    To get a Microsoft account, please access to the official site and input your company e-mail address.***
    ***Only company email address is valid for the HORIBA Distributor’s site
  2. After you register from the registration form, we will send you an invitation by e-mail.

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