LAQUA Sensor Head Software Update Procedure

1.    Insert 4 x AA batteries into the WQ-300 meter. Make sure that the battery indicator is full

2.    Connect the meter to computer using a micro-USB to USB A data cable.

3.    Switch on the meter and select OK.

4.    Locate the WQ-300 Series USB drive on your computer and save the provided update file, named SmtE_XXX.upd (Note: XXX corresponds to the specific sensor head type), in the USER folder. For example, when updating the software of 300-I-2 or 300-I-5 ion sensor head, use the provided SmtE_ION.upd update file.

5.    Click “Eject WQ-300 Series” on the system tray.

6.    Switch off the meter. After a few seconds, switch it on and select Cancel.

7.    Connect the sensor head to the meter. Press SET key and select System Setup > Software Update > ChX Sensor. ChX corresponds to the connected sensor head requiring a software update. 

8.    Select OK twice.

9.    Wait until the progress bar reaches 100%. Thereafter, the meter will return to measurement mode automatically. Software update is finished.

To check the software version of the sensor head, press SET key and select System Info. > ChX Sensor.

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