HORIBA incorporates unique, home-grown technologies into non-contact infrared handheld thermometers and built-in type. HORIBA’s IT product line offers industry leading accuracy supported by years of know-how in infrared sensor development and a track record of success across many industries.

Handheld Infrared Thermometer IT-545

Infrared Thermometer

▶Industry-leading accuracy(±1°C)
▶Measurement repeatability realized at ±0.3°C
▶Reduced temperature drift 




●Overheating inspection of electronic components
●For food management

Stationary Infrared Thermometer IT-480

Infrared Thermometer

▶Industry-leading accuracy(±1℃)
▶Traceability: Adjustment/Calibration according to the Japanese national standards
▶Product conformity according to various country standards
▶Application software: Provided for free of cost  


●Production lines
●Vulcanization process
●Research & Development



  • Wavelength optimization for high sensitivity

Infrared Multi-Layer Film Filter

Years of successful development of infrared multi-layer filters are leveraged to identify the best wavelength regions and filter designs matched to sensor performance to ensure high accuracy temperature measurements

  • Unique calibration equipment ensures extreme accuracy

Stabilized Black Body Furnace

Exclusive in-house black body furnace technology produces superior uniform temperature conditions to deliver industry-leading characterization and calibration

  • Unique structure for high stability

Thermopile Sensor

Adoption of a new sensor structure provides enhanced resistance to fluctuation in ambient temperature for very stable measurement with minimal drift.