Automatic Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus Monitor TPNA-500 – Reduction of maintenance time result from improvements of reagent formulas and a gauging method –

By: Akio ISHII, Tadashi KAWANO

10 June 2014

Automatic Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus Monitor TPNA-300 is widely accepted by the market because of its high reliability and low environmental load. TPNA-500 inherits its advantage and is enhanced its maintainability. Main improvement points are two; one is an extension of reagents exchange term and another is a gauge method less detection error due to line stain. In a case of waste water measurement of foods plant, maintenance time could be reduced to less than 1/6 compared with TPNA-300. This reduction of maintenance time will contribute to lowing of Life Cycle Costs*1.

*1: Life Cycle Cost: Total operating costs from purchase to disposal.


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