Video Photometers

Video photometers a full field of view to be captured in one shot. They have similarities to digital cameras however great care is taken to ensure that each pixel is fully calibrated for intensity (luminance) at each focus position. Additionally the wavelength response of the system mimics the human eye as closely as possible.

All Photo Research video photometers employ a full frame CCD chip with a 100% fill factor. This ensures that all of the light from the scene is measured and no features are missed even if they are only a couple of measurement pixels wide.

Our video photometers are being used world-wide for applications ranging from FAA testing of radar screens to ISO certification of information displays.

Tru-Image 2D Imager

The Tru-Image TRU8 imaging colorimeter is the solution for research grade, high resolution, high speed 2D imaging photometry and colorimetry and is designed to help shorten the time and lower the cost of optical testing all at a very attractive value.


Designed to meet the needs of display metrology. Standard features include luminance, uniformity and luminance profile. Optionally it can perfom chromaticity, geometry and MTF measurements. Powerful "point-and-click" macro generation helps automated measurement and data analysis sequences.