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GIANT Evo Universal - Inertia Brake Dynamometer
GIANT Evo - Noise Vibration and Harshness
GIANT Evo - nvh testing
GIANT Evo - brake testing equipment

Brake Test Systems

The GIANT Evo is an extension of the well-proven GIANT product portfolio and has been developed to suit the growing demands and needs of the current and future brake markets. Covering the market segments from mini and compact cars to medium sized SUVs as well as large vehicles, this brake testing machine forms the base of HORIBA’s inertia brake dynamometers portfolio. All components are specifically tailored to the needs of the passenger car market segment.


Segment: Automotive
Division: Mechatronics
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Europe GmbH

The GIANT Evo features a modular, robust and durable plug & play design enabling quick delivery and installation. With a great commitment to continuous improvement HORIBA now takes the evolution of its brake test systems to the next level.

Customers can freely choose their desired GIANT Evo model out of four high-class alternatives, each driven by a powerful core module. All types are easy to use and equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and compatible software. The latest generation of inertia brake dynamometers assures reliable measurements with lowest test result variability.

  • HORIBA Controller which meets GM-TIP requirements
  • GM-TIP Conform HORIBA Brake Actuation Unit which meets GM-TIP requirements


Compact plug & play design

  • Installation directly on factory floor, no seismic foundation block required
  • Mechanical inertia simulation with two engageable flywheels


High measurement repeatability

  • High-precision measuring systems for speed, brake pressure, brake torque and temperature
  • Fast data acquisition up to 1 kHz (5 kHz optional) with HORIBA’s measurement and automation system STARS Brake
  • Digital filters adjustable for each channel
  • High reproducibility of the measurements through accurate control of the test bench functions with SPARC brake controller
  • STARS Brake includes commonly used brake test procedures to enable easy starting of test runs
  • Direct analysis and result visualization with National Instruments DIAdem® Software
  • Signal conditioning with EtherCAT modules to minimize electrical noise
  • Easy to expand with optional components 


DIAdem® is a registered Trademark of National Instruments Inc. USA.



The GIANT Evo Performance is the most compact inertia dynamometer within the GIANT family and as its name implies, is specialized for performance test procedures.

  • Most compact inertia dynamometer within the GIANT family
  • Designed for basic investigations and performance tests of brake systems
  • Accommodation of caliper-disc test assemblies to upright (knuckle) and wheel bearing assemblies



The GIANT Evo Universal is a very flexible inertia brake dynamometer optimized for both performance tests along with fundamental noise vibration and harshness (NVH) investigations of brake systems.

  • Designed to accommodate both performance and noise vibration and harshness testing
  • Accommodation of caliper-disc test assemblies to complete axle assemblies



The GIANT Evo NVH is specialized for in depth noise vibration and harshness investigations. Utilizing a decoupled frame, the test chamber is isolated from the rest of the dynamometer minimizing background noise and vibrations.

  • Full-size NVH inertia brake dynamometer for basic and advanced NVH testing
  • Particularly suitable to perform NVH investigations with complete axle structures and suspension strut assemblies
  • Climatic tests from -40°C up to +50°C can be performed
  • Two separate machine frames, one for the NVH testing station and the other for the drive unit to eliminate background vibrations
  • Machine frames resting on vibration isolation, no vibrational absorption from nearby machines 
  • Powertrain with sound absorbing housing
  • Noise insulation of the test station with max. interior noise level of 55dB (A)
  • HORIBA clamping angle with standardized hole pattern for easy adaptation of MacPherson corner 



The GIANT Evo NVH Pure is constructed with the same concept as the GIANT Evo NVH however, only the core module and the test platform are provided. This provides the customer with the freedom to use an existing test enclosure for noise vibration and harshness investigations or to purchase one tailored exactly to their needs.

  • Test station design prepared to meet the GM-TIP requirements
 Inertia Simulation Range (incl. Electric Intertial Simulation  Speed Range Max. Braking TorqueMax. Drag Torque (without overload) 
GIANT Evo Family 5 ... 200 kgm² 0 ... 2,200+/-0 ... 5,500 Nm2,500 Nm
Brake Dust Measurement
Brake Dust Measurement
A series of legislative measures has significantly reduced the amount of emissions that is being emitted by internal combustion engines of light and medium-duty vehicles.

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