Emissions, Performance and Durability Testing

Emissions, Performance and Durability

The automotive industry is facing a period of extraordinary change driven by a combination of new competition, disruptive technologies, shifts in consumer sentiment, and tightening legislation. To cope with these changes, it is rationalizing an increase in R&D spending and investing heavily in the digitization of work processes and tool chains.  

HORIBA has been at the forefront of emissions measurement since the launch of the first Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer (MEXA) in 1965. Since that time, it has expanded its capabilities from emissions measurement equipment to include the entire test laboratory with dynamometers, automation, engineering and consultancy, advanced service options, and project management. HORIBA understands the benefits that high accuracy measurement and high laboratory utilization can bring to a development program. Trusting the results means customers move closer to legislative thresholds with confidence—reducing cost, time, and risk. 

HORIBA offers a comprehensive range of tools, software, and services to support light-duty and heavy-duty vehicle powertrain development. Its R&D teams continually review legislative roadmaps, customer needs, and evaluate the latest technologies in order to bring the market the right tools at the right time. It offers complete chassis, powertrain and engine test facilities for light-duty and heavy-duty powertrain development with knowledgeable engineers and specialists who ensure every solution is the right fit for customer needs. HORIBA’s test and laboratory automation tools are built on an open and adaptable platform to ensure a safe, efficient, optimized, and integrated program. 

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