On-vehicle Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter

The RealFlow ultrasonic sensor from HORIBA represents a breakthrough in fuel flow measurement technology, for both the compactness in size and its high level of accuracy.

The RealFlow has been designed for the ultra low-volume fuel flow conditions found in today’s high-efficiency road car engines, making it an ideal tool for R&D as well as emissions testing to the RDE and WLTP standards - especially with its ability for true engine bay installation due to being so compact in size - a real game changer in the Automotive industry!

The RealFlow uses patented ultrasonic flow measurement technology to provide data with a typical degree of accuracy within ±0.5% of reading.

Employing innovative digital processing techniques to measure time of flight with unprecedented accuracy, it achieves the level of precision and stability typically associated with bulky, expensive laboratory equipment. With no restrictions on mounting orientation, it is small, light and robust enough to install in any engine bay.

This ultrasonic technology offers unprecedented accuracy to the Automotive industry.

The innovative ultrasonic technology behind the RealFlow has been developed and used for many years, and is trusted at the highest level of worldwide Motorsport - including FIA Formula 1®, IMSA®, DTM, IndyCar®, NASCAR®, WRC® and WEC.

This compact race-pedigree and highly accurate fuel flow measurement technology is now available to the wider Automotive industry!

  • Compact, lightweight, no moving parts
  • Highly accurate and repeatable
  • -40°C to +120°C temperature range
  • Fast measurement rate for dynamic flows
  • Class-leading ultrasonic turndown ratio
  • Easily installed within the vehicle’s engine bay or on a test bed
  • Extremely robust and vibrationtolerant
  • Internal processing and diagnostics
  • CAN, TTL pulse, analog output formats
  • Minimal operating and maintenance cost
  • Motorsport trusted technology
Flow Measurement
Repeatability+/- 0.15% of reading
Uncertainty*+/- 0.5% of reading
Turndown ratio1000:1
Operating flow range+/- 0-4000 ml/min
Measurement flow range4-4000 ml/min
Measurement rate1.1 kHz
Maximum operating pressure20 barg (2000 kPag)
Pressure drop at maximum flow< 20 kPa (4000 ml/min for pump petrol @ 20°C)
Fluid temperature range-20°C to +120°C
Ambient temperature range-40°C to +120°C
Temperature Measurement2 x 1000 Ohm RTD
(1/3 DIN standard)
Dry weight330 g
Fluid capacity15 ml
Wetted materialsFPM, anodised aluminium alloy, stainless steel
Fuel line connection-6AN fittings 9/16-inch UNF thread
Deutsch sensor connectorASDD006-09PC-HE
Deutsch mating connectorASDD606-09SC-HE
Storage temperature-40°C to 85°C
External pressure rating300 kPa
Environmental protection

IP69K (when mated to connector)

Electrical Supply
Voltage8V to 30V DC
Current< 70 mA @ +12V DC
Voltage protectionOver-voltage 45V DC, reverse polarity -45V DC
CAN Communications
Design standardISO 11898-2 (high-speed applications)
Message format2.0A (11-bit identifier)
Baud rate1 Mbit/sec
CAN termination resistorNo
TTL Pulse Output
Voltage output range0-5V
Pulses per cc3000 (fully configurable)
Duty cycle50%
Output resistance1.0 kOhm
Analog Output
Voltage output range0-10V DC
Output resistance47.0 Ohm
Load resistance > 1.0 kOhm
Configuration Interface3.3V serial interface
Fuel CompatibilityPetrol, diesel, bio-diesel,ethanol, methanol
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* Calculated according to ISO/TR using root-sum square method yielding 95% confidence

Specifications subject to change without prior notice

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