PROCESS Analyzer System
Process Analyzer System

HORIBA's facility in Texas (US) has an advantage of process analysis. We obtained the system integration facility in Houston which was previously well known as PAAI. We can offer a total package such as system design, engineering, application development, and on-site maintenance services. We are able to provide process analytical systems which not only use HORIBA's analyzers but also other brand's analyzers as per the customer's requirements.

PROCESS Analyzer System

The facilitator to optimize "Industrial Process"

PROCESS Analyzer System


Process Analyzer System is a facility to measure necessary parameters such as hydrocarbons to help optimize the manufacturing process. The analyzer is chosen so that it best meets the customer requirements.


Refinery plant

In an oil refinery, the crude oil will be converted to final products (gasoline, naphtha, etc) through several processes such as distilling, cracking... HORIBA analyzers are used to optimize the process and increase production efficiency.

Main Products

GA-370 Trace Gas Monitor

GA-370 : Continuous and ultrahigh-sensitivity measurement of trace impurities (CO, CO2and CH4) in high-purity gas.


Tunable Laser Gas Analyzer TX-100

The TX-100 Tunable Laser Gas Analyzer simultaneously measures the hydrogen chloride and H2O of the stack gas. Since the single probe method is applied in the optical system of the analyzer, TX-100 can be mounted from...

Explosion-proof 51 series

The line-up for the 51 series covers a wide range of applications including infrared gas analyzers for general-purposses and models for use with oxygen and hydrogen.

Multi-Component Gas Analyzer VA-5000 Series

Multi-Component Gas Analyzer VA-5000 Series is an all-round analyzer that fits today’s measurement needs ...