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In today’s society, the rate of change in product development is driven by consumer demand from many industries looking for differentiation in a crowed marketplace. At the heart of new product development are the advances and utilisation of new technologies underpinned by the use of advanced materials and semiconductors.  

HORIBA competencies in Fluid Control, Measurement and Analysis are enabling researchers, developers, original equipment manufacturers and end users to deliver novels solutions to global demands.  

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High Speed & Precision Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Module

Critical semiconductor manufacturing processes continuously desire precision gas flow control devices that enable both future innovation, and lab to fab transition of leading edge memory and logic device. HORIBA's propose the new pressure based MFC D700MG, the upper compatible model of the D500MG to support customers' challenges.


Mixed Injection System Liquid Vaporizer MV-2000 Series

The MV-2000 Series achieves stable vaporization, even at low temperatures, using the new tornado flow method. This is suitable for vaporization a range of liquids even challenging sources such as "High-k", a liquid source which is pyrolyzed easily.


High Precision, High Stability Chemical Concentration Monitor

The HORIBA CS-700 chemical concentration monitor enables high performance measurement of the individual chemical constituents of complex chemistries used in the leading edge Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes.
 By improving HORIBA's renowned spectroscopic measurement technology,  the CS-700 realizes up to 5X improvement in measurement performance.
 Provides enhanced quality control which improves the Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes.


Dissolved Oxygen Monitor in Low Concentration HF HD-960L

High stability measurement dissolved oxygen in low concentration HF. Automatically switches between three measurement ranges from μg/L to mg/L. Measurement range : 0 - 20.00 mg/L.


Reticle / Mask Particle Detection System PD-Xpadion

Next-generation inspection platform to meet future needs PD-Xpadion is the latest generation of the HORIBA Particle Inspection product line. Based on an innovative modular platform design, PD Xpadion is the right tool to meet current and future needs of Mask & Pellicle inspection in the lithography and mask production processes. 


XGT-9000SL: Ultra-Small Spot Elemental Analysis for Extra-Large Wafer Samples

X-ray analytical microscope with a super large chamber enables ultra-small spot elemental analysis for extra-large wafer as big as 12 inches.


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