Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemistry is a process in which basic products are generated using oil and natural gas as raw materials in order to produce base set of chemical compounds (derivatives) for diverse related industries, such as synthetic fibers and synthetic resins. In Japan, naphtha is mainly used as the raw material for this process. In other countries, however, less expensive manufacturing of derivatives such as ethylene manufacturing from non-naphtha materials (e.g., shale gas and coal) .

HORIBA's Solution & Contribution

HORIBA provides a wide lineup of analyzers used to improve the efficiency of and to monitor various processes. We contribute to solving issues in the petrochemical industry process by providing explosion-protection-certified analyzers to allow for use even in locations where there is a risk of an explosive atmosphere due to the mixing of an inflammable gas, steam, dust, etc.

Example of General Petrochemical Process

Example of General Petrochemical Process

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