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Cutting-edge HORIBA gloss meters for high precision and instantaneous gloss measurement

For more than 20 years HORIBA has led the field of gloss meter instrumentation by developing, manufacturing and supplying gloss meters for paint, stone processing and other industries. Today in excess of 50,000 HORIBA gloss meters are being used around the world. On the strength of this experience HORIBA gloss meters are recognized as standard instrument, especially in the gloss inspection for floor maintenance and stone processing industries.

The ability of surface to reflect the light without scattering is known as gloss, and the amount of gloss is called glossiness.

It is determined by a ratio between the intensity of reflection from the measurement area and the intensity of reflected light from the gloss standard plate. HORIBA’s gloss meters provides an objective way to evaluate the gloss of the surface and to inspect the quality of final product or completed work. The instrument is capable of high precision, instantaneous measurement and accurate gloss readings. Its lightweight design and ease of operation makes it applicable for various industries, where it is required to measure gloss and evaluate glossiness for quality inspection and further quality improvements. Our gloss meters are widely used for such applications as gloss measurement after waxing, painting, cleaning of buildings, wooden floor maintenance, inspection of furniture, stone processing, building materials, and more.

HORIBA offers customer-oriented analytical solutions, and worldwide support by experienced service engineers from HORIBA Group. We are your true partner in analysis,  process optimization, quality assurance and are pleased to serve your wherever you are. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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