VA-5000 (Siloxane)

Siloxane Analyzer VA-5000
VA-5000 Series Siloxane Analyzer

Total Siloxane Analyzer

VA-5000 Series Total Siloxane Analyzer continuously measures siloxane concentration in gases with high sensitivity.  It is tunable according to the type of cyclic siloxane to be measured.  It is also available to measure carbon dioxide and methane at the same time as siloxane.  The system can be used for siloxane durability testing of contact parts such as relays and motors, impurity monitoring and fuel quality control in biogas power generation facilities, and many other needs.


  • Stable continuous measurement with high sensitivity


  • Available for simultaneous measurement of CO2, CH4, and siloxane



  • Concentration monitoring of siloxane in siloxane durability tests and simulation tests of contact parts such as relays and motors

Total Siloxane Analyzer continuously and with high sensitivity measures the siloxane concentration during R&D and investigation, such as the siloxane durability tests and the simulation tests of contact failure due to siloxane adhesion.

  • Impurity monitoring and fuel quality control in biogas power generation facilities

Continuous monitoring of siloxane for prevention of gas engine damage due to siloxane adhesion to the inside of the gas engine. Methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) measurement is also available for fuel quality control of gas engines.



Preprocessing Cooler Unit for Total Siloxane Analyzer

When sample gas to be measured contains more than 5°C saturation moisture, please use Cooler Unit for dehumidifying and preparation of sample gas to be introduced to Total Siloxane analyzer.


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Total Siloxane Analyzer for Biogas Power Generation
Total Siloxane Analyzer for Electrical Parts’ Contact Failure

Total Siloxane Analyzer VA-5000 Series

Components Siloxane CO2 CH4 
Measurement principleNDIR: Non-Dispersive Infrared
Measurement range0-50 ppm (single range)0-50 vol% (single range)0-100 vol% (single range)
Limit of detection0.1 ppm
Repeatability   ±1% full scale  ±2% full scale
Linearity   ±2% full scale
Zero drift  ±2% full scale per day
Span drift  ±2% full scale per day
Sample gas flow rate   Approx. 0.5 L/min
Display   5.7-inch touch screen
Output   DC 4-20 mA (non-insulated) / DC 0-1 V(non-insulated) 
Installation environment Ambient temperature: 0℃ to 40℃, Relative humidity: 90% or less
Power supply100-240V AC (±10%, maximum voltage 250V AC), 50 Hz/60 Hz 
Power consumption100 to 350 VA
Dimensions   430(W) X 380(D) X 132(H) mm
Case 19-inch panel mount
Weight  Approx. 7-18 kg

Sample gas conditions
 Temperature: Ambient temperature, Dust: None, Moisture: Less than 5℃ saturation
 Pressure: 490 Pa or less, Other: No corrosive gases
*For the measurement of siloxane in biogas
  Gas composition: CO2 10 to 50 vol%/CH4 base (However, CO2 concentration fluctuation range should be within 20%)
*Please consult HORIBA in case of  not meeting the above conditions. 

*Please consult HORIBA about the type of siloxane to be measured.


Preprocessing Cooler Unit PS-300S

Model PS-300S
Materials in contact with sample gas Ti, SUS, PVC, PTFE, FKM, PVDF, PP, Glass
Sample gas flow rate Max. 0.5 L/min
Sample gas discharge Max. 0.5 L/min
Dehumidifying capacity 5℃ saturated
Installation environment  Ambient temperature: 0℃ to 40℃, Ambient humidity: 85% or less
Power supply 100 V AC, 50 Hz/60 Hz
 *Please consult HORIBA if other power supply is required
Dimensions 260 (W) × 375 (D) × 235 (H) mm (except for protrusion)
Mass Approx. 12 kg
Sample gas condition Temperature: Ambient temperature, Dust: None,
 Moisture: Ambient temperature below saturation (no condensation)
 Pressure: Atmospheric pressure ±5 kPa
Siloxane Monitoring for Contact Failure of Electrical Parts
Siloxane Monitoring for Contact Failure of Electrical Parts

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