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HORIBA Scientific is the world leader in Raman spectroscopy, with the benefits of more than 50 years of innovation in the technique. Raman microscopy is a technique which allows fast, non-destructive chemical analysis of solids, powders, liquids, and gases – today, Raman spectroscopy is used in many varied fields, from fundamental research up to applied solutions.

We provide complete Raman spectroscopy solutions for analytical measurements, research Raman, UV Raman, QC/QA and industrial Raman applications. These include Raman spectrometers, hybrid Raman systems (such as AFM-Raman), modular Raman systems, transmission Raman analyzers, dedicated in situ process Raman spectrometers, and miniaturized Raman instruments for high volume OEM manufacturers. Our Raman spectroscopy instruments are used in prestigious universities, research laboratories, in demanding industries with production lines across the world, and are well-known for:

  • Stability/Reliability obtained from a robust design approach
  • High-performance and speed enabled by our many Ultrafast Imaging patented functionalities
  • Ease of use thanks to our renowned LabSpec software suite
  • Overall improved User Experience and time saved with increased Automation wherever you need it
  • Possibility to achieve nanoscale measurements through TERS by combining the Raman spectrometer with our AFM technology

Raman News

Live Webinar: How to correlate Raman with other microscopies?

Raman microscopy provides both molecular and morphological information of the analyzed sample. However, sometimes it is not enough to fully understand a physical or chemical process. That's why the Raman information has to be coupled with complementary information. During this webinar, we will present the different solutions existing to combine Raman with other microscopy techniques in this aim, like SEM, AFM, or all other microscopy techniques.

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Resolving micron-sized layers in multilayer films with Raman microscopy by cross-section analysis and confocal depth profiling

Application Note - Resolving micron-sized layers in multilayer films with Raman microscopy by cross-section analysis and confocal depth profiling

Multilayer polymer films, composed of different materials, are used in a variety of industrial applications. The analysis of these multilayers is important to support, especially for safety and performances control. Here, we use Raman microscopy by cross-section analysis and confocal depth profiling to investigate the chemical composition of two multilayers films.

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Co-localized microscopy techniques for pyrite mineral spatial characterization

Application Note - Co-localized microscopy techniques for pyrite mineral spatial characterization

In this study we have chosen to investigate pyrite and its surrounding minerals in order to identify the different mineral phases as well as the chemical variations from micro- to nano-scale. Using the different microscopes instruments and being co-localized allows a comprehensive characterization of the sample and a precise superimposition of all the images.

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Application Note - Raman imaging of a millimetre-sized core-shell SiO2@TiO2 sphere

In recent years, core-shell particles have attracted significant attention due to their smart properties. Size, morphology, and composition are the key features that strongly affect the performance and suitable applications of such structures.

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RamanFest 2022

The International Conference on Advanced Applied Raman Spectroscopy (RamanFest2022) will feature presentations from world-leading Raman experts and researchers using the technique across varied applications within life science, materials science, and energy and environmental analysis. It will bring together the world's Raman community to share, learn and discuss how Raman spectroscopy is being applied to today's problems and pioneering tomorrow's capabilities.

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Technical Note - The Importance of Confocality in Optical Microscopy and Raman Microscopy

Confocality is one important feature of HORIBA Raman microscopes. Confocal is defined as having the same focus or foci, and in the context of optical microscopy, a confocal microscope is one with an aperture (called a confocal hole) in a conjugate focal plane, whose imaging system only collects light from the sample focal plane, giving greater spatial resolution.

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SmartSampling™: Turns Raman Imaging from Hours to Minutes (Video)

SmartSampling™: Raman imaging on real samples up to 100 times faster

With SmartSampling discover a revolutionary mapping approach for samples unsuitable for ultra-fast scanning methods which rely on high signal and high laser powers. Using an advanced image compression algorithm, HORIBA's patented technology results in high spatial resolution Raman images with all the detail acquired in a fraction of the time. Its non-linear mapping motion gets the detail quickly, focusing on what matters, and ignoring what doesn’t.

SmartSampling point-by-point mapping runs up to a 100 times faster, without losing the detail. You have to see this to believe it.

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EasyImage™: Makes Raman Imaging Easy - Video

EasyImage™: Raman imaging has never been so easy!

Get expert level images with just one click. EasyImage is more than a software function, it is your new laboratory partner. Just focus on your sample, then EasyImage will optimize the image acquisition parameters. If you only want to map a specific area, no problem. Simply select it on the video image, obtain a preview and then get your Raman image with chemical characterization

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Microplastics Solutions

Discover HORIBA’s full solution for microplastics analysis

Raman microscopy is one of the most powerful techniques to analyze and characterize even the smallest microplastic particle. Therefore, it becomes an invaluable technique in understandingthe origin of contaminants and their consequences on environment and health.

In addition to offering powerful Raman Microscopes, i.e. LabRAM Soleil™ and XploRA PLUS, HORIBA provides a full analysis solution for microplastics, ranging from sample preparation, through data acquisition down to data treatment and reporting for a complete morphological and chemical characterization of microplastics.

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Characterization of protective mask fibers by Raman microscopy

Application Note - Characterization of protective mask fibers by Raman microscopy

Due to Covid-19, a wide choice of protective masks are now on the market. These types of masks are distinguished, in particular, by their different efficiencies linked to their filtration capacity. These differences in protective properties have therefore made it essential to characterize the composition of the masks. In this paper, we present why LabRAM Soleil™ confocal Raman multimode microscope is the perfect tool for studying the distribution and composition of mask fibers.

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Application note - Multimodal Hyperspectral Imaging for Nanotoxicological Applications

Application Note - Multimodal Hyperspectral Imaging for Nanotoxicological Applications

An imaging platform that combines Raman microscopy with enhanced darkfield and hyperspectral imaging technology was used to study lung tissue sections containing carbon nanotubes. It enabled easy identification of the regions containing the carbon nanotubes followed by spectroscopic characterization of chemical composition.

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LabRAM Soleil - Our new Raman microscope

LabRAM Soleil™ New Confocal Raman Microscope from HORIBA Scientific

Your ideal lab companion

The result of 50 years of expertise in Raman spectroscopy, LabRAM Soleil™ offers unprecedented capabilities for Raman multimodal confocal imaging, in a compact footprint.

Due to the high level of automation implemented, high optical throughput, objective recognition, motorized switching mirrors, ultra-fast mapping capabilities with SmartSampling™ and QScan™, fast motorized 4-grating turret, high speed auto-alignment and new options offered by the LabSpec 6 software suite, the LabRAM Soleil™ is ready to work 24 hours a day with minimal human supervision.

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Improve your Raman System with Microscopy Options - Technical Note

Technical Note - Improve your Raman System with Microscopy Options

HORIBA Raman confocal microscopes use a variety of research grade upright, open space and inverted microscopes from different vendors, including Olympus and Nikon. This technical note describes the available options and explains their typical use, assisting the selection of relevant options at the time of order or for future upgrade.

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Technical Note - Special Dielectric Mirrors: High Throughput at Every Wavelength

In order to overcome limitations in spectral range offered by standard dielectric mirrors, HORIBA developed a customized dielectric mirror for the LabRAM Soleil™, the new Confocal Raman Multimode Microscope.

Discover more unique features of LabRAM Soleil™

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Optical Micro-spectroscopies on a Path to Identify the Source of Life

Application Note - Optical Micro-spectroscopies on a Path to Identify the Source of Life

In this article, we present how our Raman and X-Ray Fluorescence microscopies can be combined to shed some light on the origins of the universe. We show some examples on a meteorite piece and on water inclusion in quartz matrix.

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Technical Note - QScan™: Voice-Coil Technology for Multimodal Imaging

QScan™, a patented unique feature of LabRAM Soleil™, generates highly homogeneous laser lightsheet, enabling non-destructive confocal slicing of multilayer samples. It enables mapping without moving and true point-and-shoot operation, when one can directly acquire a spectrum by clicking anywhere in the video image.

Discover more unique features of LabRAM Soleil™

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Spectral Resolution Tech Note - RA-TN14

Technical Note - Spectral Resolution, Important Factors to Consider when Acquiring a Raman Spectrum

Spectral resolution is one of the most important factors to think about when acquiring a Raman spectrum. Defined as the wavenumber, wavelength, or frequency difference
of two still distinguishable lines in a spectrum, spectral resolution requirements vary depending on the information one would like to obtain.

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Three Dimensional Raman Imaging

Application Note - Three Dimensional Raman Imaging

Segmented channel waveguides have been fabricated in single crystal KTiOPO4 through a topotactic process of partial cation exchange. The ion-exchanged waveguides maintain the high nonlinear susceptibility of KTiOPO4 to function as frequency doubling laser light sources. We apply three dimensional (3D) Raman imaging to understand and characterize the changes to the chemical bonding and crystalline structure as well as measure the volumetric structure of the waveguide segments.

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