Gratings for Industrial OEM

Diffraction Gratings for Industrial OEM Applications

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For industrial applications (colorimetry, HPLC, telecom, life science, analytical instruments, etc.,) HORIBA Scientific produces OEM gratings in high volume. These high-performance OEM gratings are manufactured from standard master gratings (more than 500 references) or can be customized to offer different sizes or coatings based on your technical requirements, by holography or ruling machine.

HORIBA Scientific also provides a wide range of products using these gratings: Spectrometers and Hyperspectral Cameras.

In addition, HORIBA Scientific offers gratings for scientific research, used in applications such as ultrafast and high-energy lasers, space flight, astronomy, and synchrotrons.

Holographic plane gratings

Blazed holographic plane gratings

Ruled plane gratings

Holographic concave gratings Type I

Flat field and imaging gratings Type IV

Monochromator gratings Type IV

HORIBA Scientific OEM team provides a wide range of products : Gratings, Spectrometers, Hyperspectral Cameras, Detectors, … for various applications :

  • BIOTECH & MEDICAL: Multiplexed DNA sequencing, Fast-PCR, Point of Care, Fluorescence & Absorbance analysis, Biochemical Analyzers, …
  • AGRICULTURE & FOOD: Protein and Moisture content measurement, Food and Feed Sorting, Precision AgriTech with Hyperspectral Cameras, Pesticides detection, …
  • SEMICONDUCTOR: End Point Detection, Smart Spectrometers for Plasma Cleaning, OES, LED Testing, Chromatic Displacement Sensor, …
  • DEFENSE & SECURITY: Bio-Hazard Detection, Homeland Security, Laser Weapon, UAV UV-NIR-SWIR Hyperspectral, 
  • PROCESS CONTROL: Online Raman Monitors, Multichannel Spectroscopy UV to NIR, PAT, Paper Industry, Oil & Gas, …
  • SORTING: Waste Sorting, Plastic Sorting, Ore Sorting, Sugar Content Measurement, Moisture Detection, OES for Alloys Characterization, LIBS Analysis, …
  • ANALYTICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS: Water Analysis, Gas Analysis, Chemical, Raman, Fluorescence, ICP, Spark, Colorimetry, …
  • OTHER APPLICATIONS with Optical Sensors or Spectroscopy.

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