Hydrogen ICE vehicles are next generation of alternative fuel mobility

Hydrogen ICE Testing

We provide a wide range of testing solutions for future mobility technologies within the field of hydrogen internal combustion engine (hydrogen ICE) for vehicle development. For example the solutions are, emission analyzers and other measurement technologies, to facility safety measures, and automation software to ensure accurate data.

What is a hydrogen ICE?

Outline of hydrogen ICE

Hydrogen ICE vehicle the future of alternative fuel mobility
  • Hydrogen internal combustion engines (ICE) are gaining traction as an attractive pathway for decarbonization of the mobility sector and achieve carbon neutrality.
  • Development issues unique to hydrogen engines include the need to address combustion improvement, emission reduction, and safety measures.
  • Benefit of hydrogen ICE, is that it can utilize common parts, know-how, and development facilities of traditional gasoline and diesel engines.
  • When using existing development facilities, it is essential to update them to be hydrogen compatible in terms of both functionality and safety.

Hydrogen ICE in automotive applications

A hydrogen internal combustion engine or hydrogen ICE is an engine that uses hydrogen (H2) as fuel. First, hydrogen is burned in the combustion chamber of the engine. Second, the power is obtained from the pressure generated during combustion. As a result, in complete combustion the chemical reaction produces only water without any carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Hence, making hydrogen engines an attractive pathway for decarbonization in transportation.

Further, hydrogen ICE can divert and utilize conventional gasoline and diesel engine parts, development environments, and common skill sets for internal combustion engines. Plus, hydrogen ICE is attractive as a means of utilizing hydrogen, because the purity requirements of the fuel are not as stringent as required for fuel cells.

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Challenges of hydrogen ICE for automotive

On the whole, development of hydrogen ICE will require a response to some challenges that are different from those of conventional internal combustion engines.   

There are three major challenges for hydrogen ICE.


HORIBA Automotive Hydrogen ICE Measurement Solutions

We work together with customers to find solutions and offer a wide range of measurement testing products to solve their challenges.

The challenges and solutions of hydrogen ICE vehicle development

  • First, the need to accurately measure various gases generated during combustion to optimize combustion and reduce emissions.
    • At HORIBA Automotive, we offer a wide range of analyzers including H2, H2O, NOx, NH3, N2O, CO2, H2O, PM, and PN.
  • Second, don’t have the measurement know-how to correctly measure hydrogen ICE.
    • We also offer measurement technologies to accurately measure various components in exhaust gas containing high concentrations of moisture and unburned hydrogen.
  • Third, would like to get the latest information of regulations and trends related to hydrogen ICE.
    • HORIBA Automotive supports customers by quickly getting information on regulatory requirements for hydrogen ICE emission test methods.
  • Lastly, want to maximize the use of existing facilities to make them compatible with hydrogen ICE in terms of both functionality and safety.
    • We provide support for measures to deal with exhaust containing high concentrations of moisture and unburned hydrogen.

Examples of development and evaluation facilities for hydrogen ICE

Hydrogen ICE Facility Solutions for Vehicle Development


High-accuracy, high-resolution hydrogen gas analyzer (HyEVO) designed to support the development of the hydrogen supply chain.
Correctly measure H2 in exhaust gas containing high moisture with Wet

Accurate determination of combustion efficiency from unburned hydrogen

  • Highly accurate wet measurement eliminates error factors due to dry-wet conversion
  • High-speed response enables transient hydrogen gas concentration measurement
  • Safety design considering hydrogen characteristics


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The MEXA-ONE IRLAM is an analyzer for the direct, simultaneous real-time measurement of the four relevant nitrogen-containing exhaust gas components NO, NO2, N2O and NH3.
Correctly measuring combustion conditions to reduce NH3

Supports exhaust gas reduction by correctly evaluating NH3 generated during SCR reduction

  • Unparalleled response to stoichiometric and lean combustion changes
  • Wide range to accurately evaluate the peak during stoichiometric and lean combustion
  • Sampling technology to correctly measure NH3 is also proposed (patent registered)


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*IRLAM is a registered trademark or trademark of HORIBA

FTX-ONE series

FTX-ONE is a fast response and compact size FTIR analyzer for the simultaneous measurement of multiple components of engine exhaust gases.
Simultaneous multi-component measurement to correctly measure combustion conditions and aftertreatment performance

Simultaneous measurement of H2O and NOx/NH3/N2O with a single unit

  • Unparalleled response to stoichiometric and lean combustion changes
  • Low flow sampling to minimize turbulence in the measurement field
  • Measurement of up to 28 components, including high-concentration moisture


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Details of the hydrogen ICE measurement solutions can be found in the following document.

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