Non-Road Mobile Machinery Engine Testing

Non-Road Mobile Machinery Engine Testing

Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) is a broad term for vehicles and machinery that seldom, if ever, use a highway. Regulatory bodies the world over are working to make the type approval process for all off-highway vehicles similar to those for heavy-duty vehicles.

New European NRMM regulations were introduced in 2016 aimed at controlling emissions for a wide variety of engines used in NRMM. It called for in-service monitoring using portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS) to determine real-world emissions for certain categories of NRMM, such as construction equipment. These regulations, and others on the near horizon, are changing the way engines and engine-powered vehicles, machinery and equipment, are developed.

Measuring the pollutant levels from NRMM sources is challenging. This machinery experiences wide and varied engine loading during normal and abnormal operating conditions. This makes optimum performance difficult to achieve and creates an increase in nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide and dioxide (CO and CO2), and unburned hydrocarbons (HCs) gases. In addition, there are solid particles (PN) and particulate matter (PM) to consider. Trustworthy emissions data is essential for NRMM OEMs to minimize development costs and reduce project risks. The process is extremely iterative with calibration and validation required for the engine, the powertrain system and the machine/equipment as a whole.

HORIBA provides a complete solution to help NRMM manufacturers and developers meet current requirements. Based on 75 years of industry-leading emissions measurement experience HORIBA will stand by its customers as new regulations are introduced. A full line of analyzers and measurement equipment is available including PN and PM solutions, and robust and flexible automation that ties these solutions together. HORIBA is here to help. 

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