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Development cycles are continually shortening at the same time that vehicle manufacturers are being challenged to provide a diverse portfolio of transportation options for consumers. These new options strain test facilities and require the ability to reproduce test scenarios in both a laboratory and real-world environment. With this challenge, facility and test engineers are constantly looking for ways to reduce cost, increase the efficiency of the equipment, reduce the time it takes to complete a test, and increase productivity by completing more tests each day with the same resources. All of these pressures point to a need to optimize resources, ensure engineers have access to data, and proper maintenance is in place to keep tests running without unplanned downtime.   

STARS Enterprise Laboratory Management Platform is a web-based platform that provides a scalable and secure data management infrastructure for test facilities. It enables complete integration from the device level to the business information level. STARS Enterprise helps optimize the efficiency of test facilities, maximize the availability of equipment, and guide personnel to achieve increased productivity. Its secure and scalable data management system handles the high volumes of data produced by today's test labs with ease. 

Additionally, at the test cell level, the STARS Automation Platform is built on an open and adaptable platform to ensure a safe, efficient, optimized, and integrated testing experience. STARS automation products provide solutions to automate a wide range of test bed types for vehicle, engine, powertrain, e-motor, brake, and component testing with applications that cover areas such as advanced R&D, emissions, durability, and performance testing.

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