Size, Chemistry, and More: Raman and Laser Diffraction for Pharma Particle Analysis

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Pharma particles range from suspension droplets in a liquid formulation to dry particles used in solid dosage forms. The effectiveness of a formulation depends on both the size distribution and chemical composition of these particles. Here, we present two complementary analysis methods. Raman microspectroscopy is an excellent probe of particle composition and particle size. Laser diffraction is a workhorse technique for particle size determination and offers precision and speed.

Join Dr. Jeff Bodycomb and Dr. Eunah Lee as they discuss using both of these techniques for analyzing pharmaceutical powders and emulsions and comment on how they fit together.

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Partica LA-960V2
Partica LA-960V2

Laser Scattering Particle Size Distribution Analyzer


MicroRaman Spectrometer - Confocal Raman Microscope


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