Two-dimensional fluorescence as an analytical tool in bioprocess measurement and control

The UK’s Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) has shown A-TEEM to be a valuable tool in monitoring bio-processes. Excitation-emission matrix (EEM) fluorescence spectroscopy, also known as 2D and 3D fluorescence when returning respectively 2D contour maps or 3D plots, has been described in the literature for over 30 years to characterise or “fingerprint” biological samples. Historically, spectra were slow to collect and required multiple corrections. The advent of Charge Coupled Device (CCD) technology and data correction methodology of common errors such as the Inner Filter Effect (IFE) has meant renewed interest in EEM spectroscopy as a technique. The HORIBA Aqualog uses innovative A-TEEM (Absorbance-Transmission fluorescence Excitation and Emission Matrix) acquisition technology to collect spectra. CPI has used the Aqualog to understand the potential of A-TEEM fluorescence as a process analytical tool (PAT) for bioprocesses.

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Aqualog - A-TEEM Industrial QC/QA Analyzer

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