The identification and quantification of proteins in biological systems at a precise moment is the main focus of proteomics. HORIBA Scientific offers a wide range of label free proteomic analytic tools that allow you to examine and detect proteins from normal, disease, and drug-treated states in cells, tissue and biological fluid in real time. Moreover, we offer sophisticated tools that perform high throughput screening of proteins against a desired target and the ability to analyze a single cell using molecular fingerprinting systems.

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The Detection of a Low Molecular Weight Enzyme Inhibitor using the OpenPlex™ system
SPRi Imaging of oligosaccharides proteins interactions
Protein-Peptide interactions studies with SPRi
Monitoring of interactions between aptamers and human IgE by SPRi
Label-free Ligand Fishing in Human Plasma
Interaction between immobilized peptides and protein from sera on Cystamine / Glutaraldehyde functionalized biochip
Detection of birch pollen allergen in the air
Antibody-Antigen Specific interaction
Stopped flow time‐resolved fluorescence study of serum albumin – curcuminoid binding
Plasmon enhancement of protein fluorescence by silver nanostructures
Dye‐protein binding monitored in a microliter volume using timeresolved fluorescence
Selective excitation of tryptophan fluorescence decay in proteins using a subnanosecond 295 nm light-emitting diode and time-correlated single-photon counting


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