HORIBA clinical chemistry solution backed by gold-standard service & support organization

One of the features of HORIBA Medical's Chemistry offer is its high level of service and support which has a 25-year track record. Read about how the service and support at HORIBA Medical are organized to ensure customer satisfaction in the below interview with our service expert. 

From being a biomedical engineer for the US Air Force, to working in the hospital and discovering field service, we interviewed Dennis Obrien, who was recently promoted to Director of Service, at HORIBA Medical US. Dennis has been a part of the service department for 22 years and has discovered a huge passion in serving HORIBA Medical customers.

Throughout this interview, we talked about the structure of our service team, what our service team does, how HORIBA differs from other companies, aspects that might not be known, and our training system. With that being said, let’s dive into the world of Service and Support.

Dennis Obrien HORIBA Medical US 2023

Dennis Obrien, Director of Service, HORIBA Medical US

Structure of Service Team

Our service team here at HORIBA Medical has a variety of roles including training, field service, and technical applications support. Our customers also come from many different fields.

We have customers from hospitals, clinics, physician office labs, blood banks, research facilities, veterinary clinics and even wineries.



One aspect that makes our Service and Support team stand out is the training offered to our customers. Once our customers go through our training, they have access to the tools they need to be successful, from documentation to videos.

(For more information about our training, click here to visit our HORIBA Medical Training Center page.)


Service & Support

Our team of skilled Field Service Representatives complete thorough preventative maintenance procedures according to manufacturer specifications. The preventative maintenance is completed at regular intervals to ensure our customers have the least amount of downtime.


Technical Support

Dennis explained to us the day-to-day life of our service and support team. Our customers call into our technical support hotline, and once it has been determined that the call needs to be dispatched, our Field Service Representatives respond quickly. Dennis explained the importance of our online capabilities and remote diagnostics because it streamlines support and maximizes the customers uptime. It does not matter how big or small the customer is, we treat them all with a sense of urgency. On technical support surveys, we receive above 90% rating, and without our customers, we would not be where we are today.

HORIBA Medical Service and Support team is dedicated to ensuring the customer feels heard and understood. It was a pleasure interviewing Dennis and seeing the Service and Support team through his eyes. Now let’s get ready for the upcoming launch of our Yumizen C Series.

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