STARS MATS - Durability Testing
STARS MATS - Mileage Accumulation Testing

Test Automation Software for Durability Testing

Perform endurance tests on a chassis dynamometer to check for vehicle durability, validation, and aging.

The STARS MATS (Mileage Accumulation Test System) software provides test execution, equipment control, refueling, and vehicle state monitoring to perform long endurance test without the necessity of continuous staff presence. Its flexible design offers a wide range a customization, and it addresses the different testing requirements from manual to fully-automated operation. 

The end of test is triggered in one of two ways defined by the user - the vehicle must either complete a required distance, or it must complete defined number of cycle repetitions. During the test, routine maintenance and servicing can be scheduled at user-defined intervals known as interruption points.

Segment: Automotive
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Test Automation Ltd.
Key benefits
  • Excellent usability
  • High flexibility 
  • Fully-automated operation without the need for continuous staff presence 
  • User-defined end of test criteria and interruption points 


  • Optimized control of standard equipment for emissions testing 
  • Transparent test status display and device operation 
  • Easy integration of new equipment 
  • Excellent usability thanks to user-friendly editors  
  • High flexibility and customization provided by the STARS Automation platform 
  • WLTP gearshift point calculation 
  • Road load adjustment and verification procedure 
  • Off-line test preparation 
  • Management of interruption and restart points 
  • Reusable test parameters – helpful in the case of test interruption and restart 
  • User-defined data logger and limits monitoring remain editable even during the test 
  • Support for automatic refueling stations 

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