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Steady State and Time Resolved Photoluminescence

Presented by Dr. Bridget O.Donnell, Applications Scientist HORIBA Scientific

Steady state and time-resolved photoluminescence are two well-known and widely used techniques for material characterization. The two methods are frequently used together to provide complementary information on a sample, however historically, the two techniques have evolved on separate instrument platforms. This webinar will focus on newly designed instrumentation for photoluminescence measurements that combines steady state and time resolved capabilities on one platform. This novel hybrid microscopic system will be presented along with a summary of relevant applications and lifetime techniques. The goal of this webinar is to provide a basic background on photoluminescence measurements and highlight the advantage of adding time resolved measurements to steady state photoluminescence systems.


  • Familiarize the viewer with photoluminescence techniques, both steady state and time-resolved
  • Present a new hybrid steady state time resolved photoluminescence system
  • Present relevant applications for photoluminescence and highlight the advantages of adding lifetime measurements to steady state systems Target audience
  • New users of photoluminescence techniques
  • Users of steady state photoluminescence systems that are interested in adding time resolved capabilities
  • Users with interests in rare earth doped glasses,

Watch the Steady State and Time Resolved Photoluminescence Webinar


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