X 600 6 position Borate Fusion

Six position electric Fluxer


Six-position heavy-duty fully automated electric fusion machine with a throughput of up to 30 samples per hour. Used to prepare glass disks (beads) for XRF, solutions for ICP/AA and peroxide or pyrosulfate fusions.  Built with the most demanding lab in mind the Katanax X-600 fluxer combines speed, simplicity and a robust design for the experienced or novice user.

Typical samples include: Cement, Clinker, Ores, Slag, Refractories, Ceramics, Catalysts, Glass, Rocks, Minerals, Soils

*Available in Europe, Middle-East and Africa countries.


Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: Spex Sample Prep
  • Next generation in electric fusion offering new enhanced features for unparalleled results.
  • Combines exceptional fusion accuracy with speed, simplicity and a robust design.
  • Runs 6 samples at a time achieving a throughput of up to 30 samples per hour.
  • High performance furnace heats up quickly and contains no exposed metal.
  • Automated, heavy-duty 6-position electric fluxer that capable of producing beads for XRF and solutions for ICP/AA.
  • Heating is achieved through patent-pending, robust sealed elements that require no conditioning and are IMPERVIOUS TO FLUX.
  • Individual element compensation allows uninterrupted operation.
  • Automatic power calibration achieves excellet reproducibility across all crucible and mold positions.
  • Non-contaminating, easy to clean, ceramic crucible and mold holders are inert to flux. The mold holder system is user-configurable to 30, 32, 35 or 40mm molds
  • LCD touch-screen interface with icons and menus for easy automated operation. Pre-loaded with various fusion programs in multiple languages.
  • Runs on standard, single phase 205-250 VAC with no external power supply or cooling fluids.



Voltage   205-250 VAC single phase
Frequency50-60 Hz
Max. Power4000 W
Breakerbuilt in (20A)
Weight95 kg / 210 lbs
Height56 cm/22’’
Width105 cm/41’’
Depth69 cm/27’’

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