Our eco-friendly practice

Environmental performance, strategic improvement axis of HORIBA Medical

Improving the environmental performance is a core challenge for HORIBA Medical.

Actions undertaken in that respect in the last few years, witness to this fact and are already giving positive results: for instance HORIBA Medical has reduced its water usage by 27 % in three years, mainly as a result of improvements introduced in 2015 at the water production plant.


Between 2014 and 2017, HORIBA Medical had reduced by half its paper usage and reduced by 27 % its overall water usage on site. This is the result of many actions implemented by the company to improve its environmental performance.

As far as paper usage is concerned, it was reduced by half over the same period; documents dematerialisation (work instructions, etc.) print network sharing and implementation of the MES, manufacturing follow-up software (Manufacturing Executive System) are representative of the main evolutions contributing to this progress.



However, no way to stop here. In 2017 HORIBA Medical has created an Environmental Practices Organisation Committee (Comité d’Organisation des Pratiques Environnementales (COPE)) and other projects are already on the way. Two new objectives are in sight: to reduce electricity usage and to improve the recycling proportion of non-dangerous waste.

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