Tilts Spins and Tears - Approaches to Head Tilts in Rabbits

Presented by: Dr Madonna Livingstone BVMS MRCVS

Have you ever been presented with a rabbit with a head tilt and felt at a loss?

This VetPol approved veterinary CPD explores the challenge of head tilts, spins and tears in rabbits, empowering veterinary staff to recognise the differential diagnosis list, achieve a diagnosis (or most likely diagnosis) within a restricted budget, know what treatment options are available and manage owner expectations.

Our guest speaker, Dr Madonna Livingstone BVMS MRCVS, discusses what can be one of the most common and challenging presentations in rabbits. Despite rabbits being the UK's third most popular mammalian pet, many veterinary staff feel underequipped when treating them.

Madonna, a practising veterinary surgeon, covers a range of approaches, diagnostic, and treatment options for rabbits, looking at where best to start, what to do if your first line of treatment hasn’t worked, how to identify if it’s a zoonotic and the likely prognosis, as well as the therapeutics or supportive treatments available.

 Duration: 110 Minutes


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