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HORIBA India, a subsidiary of The HORIBA Group, based in Kyoto, Japan is a world leader in analytical testing and research equipment, operating across the globe since its inception in 1953.

Headquartered in New Delhi, HORIBA India started its direct operations in the country in 2006, and since then has evolved to a company of 500+ employees with presence PAN India and in the SAARC Nations.

The HORIBA group business which is evolving in the markets of Automotive, Process and Environmental instruments, Medical Diagnostics, Semiconductors and Scientific instruments serves renowned industry leaders across India ensuring the best-in-class industry-standard products and high service quality.

Why Choose Us

HORIBA India, a direct entity of The HORIBA Group, is a leading supplier of cutting-edge technologies in the field of Automotive, Process and Environmental, Medical Diagnostics, Semiconductor and Scientific instruments. HORIBA aims to consistently supply products and services that satisfy requirements of the customers and help in the socio-economic development of society. HORIBA India strives to understand the local market demands that meet the government regulations and proactively propose 'Make in India' solutions.

Our Vision in India & SAARC

We registered as a separate legal entity and 100% subsidiary of HORIBA Ltd. in India in 2006. Since then, with the support of a 500+ workforce across India, we have been growing at a CAGR of 15% YOY. Our vision is to be a key player in HORIBA groups vision of attaining 300Bn JPY sales by 2023, as per the Mid-Long Term Management Plan (MLMAP). HORIBA India is committed to providing the best quality products and services in India and SAARC nations for sustainable economic and social development.

Our Mission in India & SAARC 

In the notion of Make in India and the push for industrial sectors contributing to the India GDP, HORIBA India has been continuously investing in Centers of Excellence and local manufacturing setups. Our ventures in India include the region’s largest hematology reagent manufacturing facility in Nagpur. A state-of-the-art Medical Reagent manufacturing facility at Haridwar and an ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018 and NABL ISO IEC 17025:2017 accredited HORIBA India Technical Center at Pune.

Corporate Desk

"Our culture is not limited to our employees; we take ONE STEP AHEAD to share our cultural values with our esteemed customers and vendors. We find JOY and FUN in our work and create the same platform for others as well."

From the Chairman's Desk

India became the world’s fifth-largest economy in 2022, the year which also marked 75 years of its 'Amrit-Kaal' (Independence). With the government of India’s initiatives and push for 'Atmanirbharbharat' (Independent India) and 'Make In India', The HORIBA Group sees India as a potential market to invest in and grow.

Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, HORIBA Ltd., is a leading 7 decades young, an analytical company that aims for the sustainable development of society. Our world-class, tech-savvy, best-of-the analytical products help make the world healthier, cleaner and environmental friendly.

Close to 10% of our annual revenue are invested year-on-year in Research and Development that helps us manufacture the products that are unique and well apt for the market needs. We are primarily focusing on Bio and Healthcare, Energy and Environment & Materials and Semiconductor industry trends, where our products can help accelerate innovations, production and research and development in respective industries.

To strengthen the industry-academy collaboration, HORIBA India partnered with premium academic institutes -the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore and the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

Vigilant of our localization activities, we have set up two Medical reagent manufacturing units at Haridwar, Uttarakhand and Nagpur, Maharashtra and a production cum research and development center for Automotive, Process and Environmental and Semiconductor divisions at HORIBA India Technical Center, Chakan, Pune. We foresee this as our little but impactful contribution to the economic growth of India by creating job opportunities and better support services and being close to our cutomers.

Our unique HORIBA work culture of Joy and Fun embraces unique perspectives and challenging spirits. This inspires our employees to take pride in their work where they spend most of their time and achieve their full potential.

From the President's Desk

HORIBA India is a wholly subsidiary of HORIBA Japan, with a workforce of over 500 employees. We entered India in 2006 and today we have all five business segments namely Automotive, Process and Environmental, Medical, Semiconductor and Scientific.

Being a global analytical leader since 1953, leading with Infinite Possibilities, HORIBA instruments and technologies have earned a high reputation in the Automotive, Scientific, Process and Environmental, Semiconductor and Medical Diagnostics markets of India and SAARC nations. Our presence in these nations has a deeper meaning for our customers in terms of Sales, Service, Applications and Projects.

The establishment of Medical reagent factories at Haridwar and Nagpur, and testing, research and development and localization facilities at Chakan, Pune for Automotive, Semiconductor and Process and Environmental segments have helped tremendously in our visibility and being close to our customers.

Since the direct inception of HORIBA India in 2006, we have been moving the way forward and we envision our growth to be multifold in the years to come, the complete onus lying on our 500+ diverse workforce.

We truly believe that it is HORIBA's unique culture that helps HORIBA India to retain and sustain its valuable employees by giving them the right opportunities at right time. Being 'Open and Fair' is our culture and we provide ample space for young minds to present their ideas to Explore The Future. Our culture is not limited to our employees; we further share our core values with our esteemed customers, vendors, stakeholders and business partners.

With our state-of-the-art technologies, dominant market shares, dedication and values, HORIBA India has been achieving its goals consistently and aims to keep pushing the boundaries in the field of analytical and measurement technologies to provide solutions for sustainable future thinking 'One Stage Ahead’. 

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"It is HORIBA's unique culture of JOY and FUN that gives a healthy work environment to our employees by giving them the right opportunities at right time. Being 'Open and Fair' is our culture and we provide ample space for young minds to present their ideas to Explore The Future."


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