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Protecting the world's water with our highly refined sensing technology.

HORIBA Advanced Techno is a team of experts in water and liquid measurement within the HORIBA Group.
We offer a wide variety of services and solutions in the field of water/liquid measurement, operating in the four business fields of environmental solutions, semiconductor process solutions, bio industry, and lab and field solutions.

Environmental Solutions Business

Contributing to solving issues related to limited water resources and making the world a better place.

The Environmental Solutions business covers all areas, including water supply and sewage infrastructure, industrial water and wastewater, production processes, rivers and lakes, and is characterized by the wide variety of water quality measurement equipment it handles.
We are not only compliant with laws and regulations, but also help improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

We respond to various challenges with our technology and network.

The water/liquid measurement technology which HORIBA Advanced Techno is involved in has grown along with the expansion of Japanese industry and the accompanying measures against pollution, and the technologies and experience we have accumulated are being used to solve problems in developing countries, which are growing markets. At the same time, as environmental awareness increases, attention is increasingly focused on advanced water treatment processes that make effective use of water as a resource and reduce the energy required for water treatment. In Japan, maintenance and management of facilities has become a social issue due to a shortage of human resources, with automation as well as streamlining through measurement devices helping to solve this problem.
Challenges vary depending on the era, country, region, and industry, the HORIBA Group's unique strength lies in its adaptability, handling everything from R&D to engineering in an integrated manner, leveraging its global network, embodying our mission to grow our business while contributing to society.

Reducing the burden in the field is highly rewarding.

Wastewater treatment and water quality control sites are often dangerous and harsh.
We find pleasure in generating happiness for people by reducing their workload through measurement. We believe that if we can bring joy to people through the safety and security of water, it will lead to happiness around the world.

Semiconductor Process Solutions Business

Multifaceted response to advanced process control

The Semiconductor Process Solutions business provides a variety of measuring instruments to control the cleaning solutions used in the semiconductor manufacturing cleaning process.

The cleaning process is an important part of the semiconductor manufacturing process, as even the tiniest particles can affect the manufacturing process of semiconductors. Due to the fact that the cleaning abilities of cleaning solutions used vary with temperature and concentration, accurate concentration control becomes a necessity.  Additionally, in today's semiconductor industry, there is a great need to reduce environmental impact by improving efficiency, such as proper use of cleaning solutions and reduction of waste, making concentration monitors an indispensable item in the manufacturing process. In this advanced process control, our main product, the chemical concentration monitor, has established the top share in the global market, contributing to the quality of semiconductor devices and the management of chemical solutions. Additionally, from 2021 to 2022, the production capacity of chemical concentration monitors have been increased by approximately four times (compared to 2020) in anticipation of future demand increase.

Overseas, a Wet-Lab, an application development base near end-users, has been established and at the same time, a technical support team within the Development Department has been set up at the headquarters to organically link with each base to respond quickly and flexibly to requests.

Our mission is to contribute to a prosperous future.

Our mission is to contribute to a convenient and prosperous future society made possible by semiconductors, through water and the effects of our products. It is rewarding to know that the smartphones and PCs used in the world are also made through the cleaning process that we have been involved in.

Bio Industry Business

Giving form to HORIBA Group's accumulated technologies

The Bio Industry business was launched in 2017 as a new business of HORIBA Advanced Techno in order to take charge of product development and commercialization of rapid microorganism detection systems. By combining the HORIBA Group's advanced technologies cultivated over the years with teamwork, the Rapica, a rapid microbiological analyzer that can rapidly detect microorganisms in samples such as pharmaceutical water with high sensitivity (single viable organism level), where microorganisms are almost non-existent or need to be controlled at a low level, was developed.

Our daily efforts have provided results that go beyond what has been achieved “until now”.

Traditionally, the culture method of detecting microorganisms has been widely used in microbiological testing. In the medical and pharmaceutical fields, where it is not always possible to wait for the results of microorganism detection, a device that can reduce the time required by the culture method from several days or several weeks to only a few hours,  is a groundbreaking development.
However, the Rapica is not only capable of detecting 24 samples simultaneously, but is also superior in that it automates all operations, including divided injections, and can contribute to reducing the risk of contamination and increasing work efficiency, resulting in high expectations for its future.
While there was an immense amount of insight required for commercialization, it is thought that this accomplishment was achieved through the steady and persistent efforts of individual learning and teamwork. The Blackjack Project* and other activities outside the company have also been opportunities to learn and share knowledge.

We hope to bring safety to the world as quickly as possible.

It takes time for new, unprecedented products to penetrate the market, but it is a great pleasure to listen carefully to the voices of customers who are willing to consider our products and to work together with them to achieve results. With this as one of our driving forces, we aim to respond with safety and speed to businesses that supply therapeutic drugs and other products, and to patients who await them, and to expand our business globally in the future.


*In-house project started with the aim of changing employee awareness and behavior.
Employees decide on their own themes and work toward their desired goals.

Lab and Field Solutions Business

Connecting sensor and measurement technologies to customer experience

The products handled by the Laboratory and Field Solutions business can be broadly categorized into laboratory products, such as pH meters, which are the HORIBA Group's original products, and off-line water/liquid measurement instruments used in laboratories and out in the field, which are used in a wide range of fields including pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, universities, water and sewage treatment, as well as agriculture. The company's strength lies in its ability to develop and manufacture in-house the response membranes of sensors that ensure the accuracy of water quality measurements, and it has continued to improve its core technologies to meet the needs of its customers. The pocket water quality meter LAQUAtwin, in particular, has been highly praised for its usability, which sets it apart from other products, and is especially appreciated in the agricultural market.

We provide full support through both “Monozukuri” (Crafting) and “Koto-Zukuri” (Fact building).

Along with sensor technology itself, another element that determines water quality analysis is measurement technology. The interface between the response membrane and the sample is difficult to control, making sensor maintenance an essential matter. Efforts are being taken to enhance customer support by setting up a contact point for inquiries and distributing videos of our know-how so that we can respond to problems while simultaneously demonstrating the capabilities of our sensors.

We are also aiming to develop new businesses with the desire to improve the health of people around the world.

Around the world, every company is expanding their business activities based on their own characteristics and strengths, resulting in balanced market shares. In this environment, Horiba Advanced Techno aims to become No. 1 in the world, using the technology and position it has established domestically as a foothold to improve the reliability of its measurements and instruments as well as customer experience. At the same time, to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our business, we are taking on the challenge of promoting recycling and efficiency, developing environmentally friendly electrodes, and taking other initiatives with an eye to the future.
Recently, in addition to expanding our product lineup and pursuing services, we have been expanding our business into new markets such as life sciences and healthcare in order to take our business to the next level. We want to become the world's most trusted and chosen provider of water quality analysis and help people around the world feel safe and secure.
With this dream and goal in mind, we continue to strive for the improvement of our quality and technology, building up our know-how.





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