Oil Content Analyzer

OCMA series is an oil densitometer that can be measured simply by pressing a button and in a short time.
Oil extracting solvents (S-316) are environmentally, safely and costly, and are not regulated under the Montreal Protocol.
OCMA Series can be used for a wide range of applications, including checking oil content in wastewater from various plants, checking residual oil on components and pipes, monitoring wastewater such as ballast water from ships, and analyzing oil content in soils.

Application Examples Work in various scenes!

For measuring residual oil on metal parts

Introduces the measuring method of oil content adhering to parts of all sizes and shapes.

For oil content concentration measurement of factory wastewater

Introduce how to measure factory wastewater containing surfactants.

Other Examples

Waste water management

  • Measurement of oil content in factory wastewater (industrial waste, steel, petrochemical, food, etc.)
  • Measurement of oil content in sewage treatment plant discharge water
  • Monitoring of ballast and bilge discharge of marine transport (tankers)
  • Oil content measurement in discharge from waste oil treatment facility and cchecking the efficiency of oil/water separation processes

Environmental conservation

  • Surveying environmental water quality in conformity with environmental standards
  • Monitoring water quality around gas service stations and automobile repair shops
  • Water quality monitoring of wastewater from cleaning storage tanks at crude oil and petroleum terminals
  • Oil dispersion research at time of an accident at a tanker or petrochemical plant
  • Surveying oil content in soil

Quality Check

  • Measurement of residual oil in wastewater from cleaning metal parts
  • Evaluation of oil of parts cleaning solution
  • Evaluation of oil and grease cleaning in semiconductor and plated metal bonding processes
  • Measurement of oil content in foodstuffs
  • Determination of milk fat content in milk

Product Features

OCMA Series is an oil content analyzer using infrared light!

  • Allows measurement of any oil with low boiling point (NDIR method)
  • Easy and Speedy measurement
  • Reduced environmental impact and running costs by developing an oil extraction solvent with little volatility
  • Can be measured compling with ASTM D7066-4

Other convenient functions

Unit conversion function Multi-language function (7 languages) Color graphic LCD USB data output port

For measurement of oil concentration in the liquid

Simply inject sample water and solvent into the equipment!
Automatic operation from oil extraction to measurement and drainage with one switch

For measuring the concentration of oil adhering to solids

Suitable for extracted samples
Simple cell attachment/detachment is possible with one hand


Oil extracting solvents exclusively for OCMA

Not applicable to the Montreal Protocol on the Regulation of Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer

Solvent Reclaimer exclusively for S-316

※ Oil content containing isoalkanes may not be removed with a solvent regenerator.

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