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Sewage, Wastewater / Industrial Processes

Monitoring systems for water treatment

Industrial Water Qualty Measuring Instruments

On-Line Industrial Water Quality Analyzer H-1/48/96

Panel Mount Industrial Water Quality Meter 48/96 Series

Ammonia Nitrogen Meter HC-200NH

Industrial Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter HD-200FL

pH electrodes/ORP electrodes for industrial use

Industrial Gel-filled pH/ORP Electrode 6155 Series / 6855 Series

Ultrasonic Cleaner for Industrial Water Quality Sensors

Automatic Total Nitrogen Phosphorus Monitoring System TPNA-500

Automatic COD Monitor CODA-500

Silica analyzer SLIA-5000

Organic Pollutant Monitor OPSA-150

Surface Oil Detector LO-300


Analyzers for Wet Process

Non-Contact Chemical Concentration Monitor CS-900

Optical Fiber Type Hot Phosphoric Acid Concentration Monitor CS-620F

Chemical Solution Concentration Monitor CS-600F


SC-1 Monitor CS-131

BHF Monitor CS-137

SPM monitor CS-150

SC-2 Monitor CS-152


Low Consentration HF Monitor HF-700A

HF Concentration Monitor HF-960EM/CM-520

HF/HCl/NH3 Concentration Monitor HF-960M

HF/HCI Consentration Monitor HF-960H

Dissolved oxygen concentration monitor series for semiconductor manufacturing HD-960LR

Dissolved Oxygen in Low Concentration HF Meter HD-960L

Dissolved Ozone/Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration Monitor HZ-960/HZ-960HPO-M Series

Conductivity Meter(Low Consentration Type) HE-480C

Conductivity Meterr(High Consentration Type) HE-480H

Carbon Sensor Conductivity Meter(High-consentration type) HE-960HC

Flat Carbon Sensor Conductivity meter HE-960LF/FS-09F1/2

TMAH Consentration Monitor HE-960H-TM

Carbon Sensor Conductivity Meter HE-960LC

Carbon Sensor Conductivity Meter(Low-consentration type) HE-480C-GC

Carbon Sensor Resistivity Meter HE-960R-GC

2-Channel Resistivity Meter HE-960RW-GC

Resistivity Meter HE-480R

High-Sensitivity Silica Monitor SLIA-300

Fluoride Ion Monitor HC-200F/HC-300F

For Drinking Water Processing

Water Distribution Monitor TW-150

Water Distribution Monitor TW-100

Pharmaceutical & Medical

On-line TOC Analyzer HT-110

2-Channel Resistivity Meter HE-960RW

Sanitary Conductivity Meter(2ch) Flow-through Sensor HE-960CW

2-Channel Conductivity Meter HE-960CW

Off-line Measurement

Multi-parameter Water Quality Meters U-50 Series

Oil Content Analyzer OCMA-500/550