CS-100F1 Series

Fiber Optic Type Chemical Solution Concentration Monitor

An inline, real-time optical fiber-based chemical concentration monitor that enables measurements of chemicals used in semiconductor manufacturing processes such as cleaning and etching.

Inline real-time measurements can be obtained.  A single concentration monitor is capable of simultaneously measuring up to four types (chemicals or ranges), making it suitable for measurements in a one-bath, sheet-type cleaning device.

Chemical Concentration

AC(100-240V)Transmission OutputContact OutputRS-232C

Segment: Semiconductor
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.


Measurements of up to four different substances (chemicals or ranges) are possible with a single concentration monitor.

Short Measurement Cycles and Fast Response Time

Supports concentration management for 300mm processes with a measurement cycle of approximately 3 seconds. Precise concentration management for both multi-bath and single-bath/sheet-type cleaning equipment are supported.

One of Two Types can be Chosen

The option is available to choose between two types: the inline cell type, which is directly integrated into the main piping and prioritizes real-time concentration tracking, or the cell unit type, which emphasizes stability and allows for feedback control using monitor outputs.

Target of
(ammonia/hydrogen peroxide
aqueous solution)
(hydrochloric acid/hydrogen
peroxide aqueous solution)
(sulfuric acid/hydrogen
peroxide aqueous solution)
Multi-monitoring with one unit of up to 4 types of chemical solutions or ranges possible.
Measurement principleAbsorption spectrometry
Concentration computation
Temperature-compensated multivariate analysis
Measurement range
(mass %)
NH3: 0.00% to 1.00%
H2O2: 0.00% to 5.00%
H2O: 94.0% to 100.0%
HCI: 0.00% to 2.00%
H2O2: 0.00% to 2.00%
H2O: 96.0% to 100.0%
H2SO4: 70.0% to 96.0%
H2O2: 0.00% to 10.00%
H2O: 4.0% to 30.0%
Repeatability (mass %)
(within ±1% room temperature)
NH3: ±0.15%
H2O2: ±0.30%
H2O: ±1.5%
HCI: ±0.15%
H2O2: ±0.15 %
H2O: ±1.5%
H2SO4: ±0.50%
H2O2: ±0.50%
H2O: ±1.5%
・Repeatability for the list above is for the cell unit type.Please contact us for the repeatability of the in-line cell type.
・Differences in the above list may occur depending on measurement range.(Please see our website for details.)
Sample solution temperature20 to 80: (when using Inline cell) 20 to 30: (when using cell unit)
Measurement cycleApprox. 3 seconds
Content of
LCD and input
• 1st component: measured concentration value (%)   •Error code
• 2nd component: measured concentration value (%)  •Parallel concentration alarm output invalid status
• 3rd component: measured concentration value (%)  •Serial/parallel status
• 1st and 2nd components: concentration alarm status •Background compensation data
RS-232C serial input• Serial/parallel status switching            •Parallel concentration alarm output status
• Measurement data transfer request         (valid/invalid)
• 1st and 2nd component concentration alarm setting  •Target measurement solution switching
Parallel input12 to 30 V DC (photocoupler insulated)        • Parallel concentration alarm output
                          • Target measurement solution switching
                          • Background compensation
Parallel outputOpen collector output (photocoupler insulated)     • 1st component concentration alarm, 4 types
Max. current when on:                 • 2nd component concentration alarm, 4 types
  DC 5 mA (no internal protection resistor)        • Device error
Max. impressed voltage when off: 30 V DC       • Measuring
                           • Target measurement solution type
                           • Background compensation status
Solution temperature inputTerminal block connection (M3 terminal screws)
• Platinum resistance temperature sensor: Pt100 (Pt100 sensor should be prepared by customers)
Analog output• 1st component concentration alarm, 4 types: 4 to 20 mA
• 2nd component concentration alarm, 4 types: 4 to 20 mA
✽We also support other measurement ranges. Please specify when ordering.
Fiber optic cableDedicated CS-100F1 Series fiber optic cable (25 ±15: installation temperature)
Sample cellWe can supply dedicated sample cells (inline cell or cell unit) for various kinds of chemical solutions.
Power supply100 V to 230 V AC (single phase) ±10%, 50/60 Hz, approx. 100 VA
Dimensions205 (W) x 329 (D) x 269 (H) mm 8.1 (W) x 13.0 (D) x 10.6 (H) in (excluding protruding part)
WeightApprox. 11 kg

Note: Please consult us regarding concentration monitors for chemical solutions other than those given above.


Concentration monitor

Inline cell                                                                                     Cell unit


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