The Pitot Tube Flow Meter

The PTFM-1000 is used for the direct measurement of engine exhaust gas flow rate on engine and chassis dynamometer test systems.

The PTFM provides the exhaust flow rate without requiring a CVS for CO2 tracer or modification to the engine for air and fuel flow measurement. Meets the accuracy requirements of ISO 16183*.

* (+/- 1.5% of max fl ow or +/- 2.5% of reading, whichever is largest)



  • Eight sizes of flow tubes available for flow rates from 2 - 65 m³ / min
  • Calibration Coefficients and Tube type stored locally on the tube to allow the interface to detect the correct tube and upload the correct Coefficients
  • Exhaust Pressure Sensor (+/- 10 kPa gauge)
  • Exhaust pipe connections/seals for high temperature operation (550 ºC)
  • Quick Coupling for easy connection to the exhaust pipe
  • Multiple data outputs (analogue, RS-232 or LAN) 10 Hz
  • Three additional, user configurable data channels such as exhaust pressure, temperature
  • Optional Remote Display module (max cable length 10m)

Manufactured by HORIBA





Engine Exhaust gas flow rate measurement


± 2.5 % of reading or ± 1.5% of full scale


Analogue (0 - 10V, user configurable scaling), RS-232 and LAN

Materials in Gas Contact:

304 stainless steel, copper gaskets, PTFE (low temperature), Thermiculite (High temperature)

Purge Air Gas:

Compressed Air, 10 bar maximum (regulator not included)

Power (Interface unit):

230VAC, 50 Hz : 600 W or 115VAC, 50/60 Hz : 600 W

Dimensions (Interface):

219 mm (H) : 370 mm (W) : 330 mm (D) - Dimensions exclude fittings


14 Kg



Flow Tubes:

A - 2 m3/min, B - 4.5m3/min, C - 10m3/min,
D - 15 m3/min, E 20 m3/min, F - 30 m3/min,
G - 45 m3/min, H - 65 m3/min

Tube Connections:

Tube connections can be adapted to suit engine exhaust pipes.

Exhaust Pressure:

± 10 kPa gauge.

Remote Display:

For local display of flow rate, flow tube type and local control of Standby, Zero, Purge and Measure modes.

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