HORIBA developed the OBS-ONE series as a PEMS (Portable Emissions Measurement System) for on-board measurement in response to the increasing legislative requirements to test the exhaust emissions from vehicles when driven or operated under real world conditions. The use of laboratory grade analyzers in such portable systems required the reduction of size, weight and power consumption as well as ensuring that the system had excellent resistance to shock and vibration as well as the altitude and temperature variation that is likely to occur under real world conditions. The range of the OBS-ONE system modules can provide the measurement of mass emissions of CO, CO2, NOx, NO, (NO2 by calculation), THC, CH4 (NMHC by calculation), PM and total PN. The system complies with the USA and EU latest or draft regulations for HD and NRMM In Service Conformity and the Real Driving Emissions (RDE) legislation for Light Duty Vehicles recently passed in Europe which becomes mandatory in September 2017.

OBS-ONE Series LDV Type

Total System for Regulation Compliance and Engine/Vehicle R&D

On-board PM measurement for real-world results