The Photo Research Inc. Spectra Modular Systems, PRISM Series is a range of versatile high-grade spectroradiometers adapted to couple, via an optical fibre, to an external probe or integrating sphere to adapt to any experimental, R&D, QC or production line application. They are based on existing proven Photo Research instrument technology and as such combine research grade accuracy with reliability and repeatability unrivalled in the world of light measurement.

The PRISM Series includes VIS (380 – 780 nm) and VIS/NIR (380 – 1,080 nm) instruments with a range of bandwidths and sensitivities to meet your requirements no matter how demanding.

Capable of radiance/ luminance, irradiance/illuminance, radiant flux/lumens , chromaticity, CCT, Dominant wavelength and CRI measurements.

PRISMS™ Fiber Spectroradiometers

MS6 - Spectra® Modular Systems (PRISMS)

The MS6 is ideal for those applications requiring a medium resolution, medium sensitivity solution at an extremely affordable price.

MS70/MS735 - Spectra® Modular Systems (PRISMS)

LED and lighting device manufacturers are constantly striving to produce more and more powerful devices creating the need for a testing solution for these products.

MS740 / MS745 Spectra® Modular Systems (PRISMS)

These two systems are designed for those applications requiring ultra-high speed at low light conditions and is ideal for the testing of low to medium intensity LED’s for lumens (in an integrating sphere). The MS740 is a visible wavelength solution while the MS745 extends the measureable spectral range to 1080 nm making it ready to test NIR LED’s or other devices that go just past the visible spectrum.

SpectraWin 2 Lite software


Each PRISMS system is supplied with SpectraWin 2 Lite software – a Windows (Vista, 7 and 8) based control and data analysis program designed for ease of use. The systems can also be controlled using the built-in text based communications protocol – Remote Mode software. For applications where it is preferable to communicate with a driver, an SDK is optionally available.

Measurement Capabilities (Accessory Dependent)

Radiometric Capabilities Photometric Capabilities Required Accessory  
Radiant flux Lumens Integrating sphere  
Spectral radiance Luminance (cd/m2, footlamberts Luminance probe  
Spectral irradiance Illuminance (lux, footcandles) Illuminance probe  
Spectral radiant intensity Candelas Luminous intensity probe  
CIE Chromaticity 1931 x,y 1976 u’, v’, 1960 u,v, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Color Rendering Index (CRI), Dominant Wavelength, Saturation, Any accessory