New Biomolecular Analysis using SPRi Technique Seminar, 8 March, Zurich

Axonlab invites you to the HORIBA Scientific seminar:
Biomolecular Analysis using SPRi technique
Discover how to benefit from label free high throughput screening with up to 400 ligands per run

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1st February 2018

HORIBA Scientific is pleased to invite you for a new free webinar, holding on Wednesday, February 14: High-Throughput Screening of Affimer Proteins for Use as Affinity Ligands Using a Label-Free Technology

This webinar, presented by Dr Geoff Platee, Senio application scientist at Avacta Life Sciences, will explore Affimer proteins as next-generation affinity scaffolds with potential applications as novel biotherapeutics and renewable research and diagnostics tools and will highlight the potential of using a screening label-free system as a speed validation.

Join us to hear about:

  • Affimers as highly stable and specific binders for specific targets such as toxins and monoclonal therapeutic antibodies
  • An overview of the high benefit of using the SPRi as a screening tool
  • How the use of a label-free technology allows for high-throughput screening of Affimer specificity, affinity and stability

The use of SPRi for the characterization of multiple ligands

Webinar 3rd October, 2017

This webinar will show the potentialities of the new multiplexing and fully automated SPRi "XelPleX" by illustrating two examples of the simultaneous characterization of multiple biologically relevant interactions. It will be presented by Dr Renzo Vanna, Laboratory of Nanomedicine and Clinical Biophotonics (LABION), Italy.

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Join our live webinar on the detection of small molecules using an ultrasensitive SPRi based NanoAptasensor, on Thursday, March 24th, 2016.

During this webinar, you will learn how the combination of the X-Aptamer Selection Kit from AM Biotechnologies with HORIBA's SPRi system allows you to develop and screen aptamers from small molecules in a short period of time. In addition, we will review in detail the construct of the SPRi based NanoAptasensor, which allows you to analyze in a label-free and real time manner ultra-sensitively and selectively hormones like progesterone.

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Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar "Comparison of SPRi and ELISA in the Evaluation of Biomolecules in Crude Samples". If you were unable to join us or would like watch the presentation again, you can view the presentation here.

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Join our webinar on the Comparison of SPRi and ELISA in the Evaluation of Biomolecules in Crude Samples, on Thursday, November 5th 2015.

This webinar will survey the diagnostic potential of direct and amplified-SPRi based biosensors, particularly for applications involving complex media, and compare it directly to conventional bio-affinity assays like ELISA. The following parameters will be reviewed and considered such as detection time, sensitivity, kinetic profile, cost per interaction, reproducibility and specificity.

Who should attend?

Academic and industrial researchers working with and developing bioassays for a wide range of analytes. Scientists specializing or have expertise in the following fields: biomedical and clinical science, proteomics, genomics, biochemistry, nanotechnology and biophysics.

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Product News

1st July 2014

Label-free technologies conference in 2015.

Accelerate your research with XelPleX

HORIBA Scientific is pleased to announce the launch of XelPleX, the new flagship instrument of the label-free molecular interaction platform based on Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging (SPRi).

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Conferences & Exhibitions

PEGS Europe

Meet our experts at our booth for in-depth scientific discussions and discovery of our Label-free biomolecular analysis system : XelPleX

We invite you to attend the talk of Mr Geoff Platt, Avacta Life Sciences entitled “The Affimerâ scaffold: a flexible platform for the generation of affinity reagents” on Tuesday November 14th at 15:35 (Optimisation & Developability session)

And come and discuss around the posters

  • A nanobioanalytical platform for the on "SPRi-chip" qualification of extracellular vesicles in 75-nm nanofiltered human plasma for transfusion, presented by Dr Wilfrid Boireau, FEMTO-ST, France
  • Multiplex SPRi analyses enables improved and accelerated simultaneous screening of dozens of DARPins for affinity and specificity, presented by Mrs Chiraz Frydman, HORIBA France

Event dates: 13-17 november 2017

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Booth No: #40