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Automatic Driving System

Vehicle developers face increasing pressure to reduce development times, while vehicle complexity is increasing. The ADS EVO ensures accurate and repeatable global test cycles on chassis dynamometers.

Segmento: Automotive
Divisão: Mechatronics

Test Repeatability

The ADS EVO automates the driver in a chassis vehicle test cell and enables test repeatability.


Improved Efficiency and Installation

The ADS EVO reduces installation time and improves test start-up efficiency.

Light Weight and Easy Installation
Compared to the previous model ADS-7000

Easy to Handle
Ergonomic design

Simplified Installation
ISOFIX* significantly reduces installation time (patent pending)

* ISOFIX is the international standard for securing child safety seats in passenger cars.

Contributes to Vehicle Development Efficiency

The ADS EVO can be used in a wide variety of chassis and vehicle test cells to reduce human error and provides accurate testing results.


The ADS EVO is compatible with environment resistance specifications including high and low temperatures ranging from -40 ~ 80 ℃.

In addition to the standard actuator for engine start, optional versatile actuators are also available.
For various vehicle investigations such as air conditioning ON / OFF during the test cycle (patent pending).

Self-contained mechanical unit cart
Intuitive design that informs installation procedures (patent pending)

Design is subject to change

Basic Functions

Driving FunctionsStandard drive traces (emissions, etc)
★Performance test mode
Auto/Manual adjust (pedal and shift)
Learning mode
Warm up mode
Constant speed mode
Manual mode
Applicable VehiclesMT, AT, CVT, ★Hybrid/EV
Floor shift, ★Instrument panel shift, ★Column shift
For both left and right hand drive vehicles
Other FunctionsMeasurement function:Dynamometer speed, Engine speed
External operation input : Drive start/stop
External condition input : Dynamometer ready/error,Blower ON
External operation output : Synchronization signal with data processing device
★HOST communication:AK compliant


Mechanical Unit
Total MassStandard Specification : 30 kg
Unit Mass3 - 7 kg
Operating EnvironmentStandard Specification: -10 - 45℃ 30 - 90%RH(no condensation)
★Environment Resistance Specification : -40 - 80℃ 30 - 90%RH(no condensation)
ActuatorsAccelerator:Stroke length 150 mm, Rated output 160 N, Maximum operating speed 0.61 m/s
Brake:Stroke length 200 mm, Rated output 241 N, Maximum operating speed 0.61 m/s
Clutch:Stroke length 200 mm, Rated output 322 N, Maximum operating speed 0.78 m/s
Shift(X):Stroke length 190 mm, Rated output 193 N, Maximum operating speed 0.77 m/s
Shift(Y):Stroke length 240 mm, Rated output 193 N, Maximum operating speed 0.77m/s
Starter(PUSH):Rated output 16 N
★Starter(TURN):Rated output 0.97 N・m
★Up to 5ch push actuators can be added
Control Rack
Size578(W) × 929(D) × 1000(H) mm
Operating Environment5 - 40℃ 20 - 80%RH(no condensation)
Power supplySingle phase:AC 200 - 240 V ± 10% (Max 250 V) 50/60 Hz 3.0 kVA or
Single phase:AC 100 - 120 V ± 10% 50/60 Hz 3.0 kVA
OthersTeaching pendant:Used for learning shift positions and other various settings
Mechanical unit cable:Connect mechanical unit and control rack

★: Option

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