HORIBA Medical 动物血分析系统

HORIBA Medical 可提供高质量的动物血检测产品。多年的行业经验及独特的技术,为用户提供全方位的服务。丰富的产品适用于多类医院和实验室。

我们的承诺 – 与全球代理商共同努力,在保证技术质量的同时,承诺对环境的保护,从而获取客户的信赖。



Veterinary CPD Webinar on Raw Feeding, Parasite Testing and Control Hosted by HORIBA

Animal parasites expert to share key knowledge on testing best practice to minimise risk from feeding raw diets.

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Veterinary haematology CPD webinar hosted by HORIBA to offer valuable best practice…

Glasgow University Vet School haematology specialist to discuss how to address blood sample challenges to ensure quality results and enhance patient…

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HORIBA’s POCKIT Central is a simple to use benchtop instrument which brings the potential for fast, accurate PCR testing into every veterinary lab.

HORIBA adds new pathogen tests to POCKIT in-house PCR range

Value of in-house PCR analysis for pathogen testing highlighted at recent veterinary CPD webinar discussing the importance of screening imported dogs

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