HORIBA Scientific provides a comprehensive portfolio of products for the cosmetics industry because regulations require manufactures to test products to ensure consumer health and safety.  From raw material testing and contamination to formulation and concentration measurements to protein aggregates, kinetic screening and polymorphism and more…

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Fast & Non-invasive Determination of Skin State
Fast and non-invasive determination of skin
Biological tissues contain chromophores that absorb light, as well as fluorophores that absorb and reemit light (fluorescence effect). Light absorption depends on the chromophores’ content and their distribution within the organic matter.
Visualizing dental caries using fluorescence lifetime microscopy
Teeth are naturally fluorescent and changes in their composition, caused by decay for example, affect their fluorescence behavior.
Endogenous Skin Fluorescence In Vivo on Human Skin
The fluorescence spectra of intrinsic protein fluorophores have been studied extensively and used in investigating biological events.
Noninvasive In-Vivo Determination of Sunscreen-UVA Protection Factors
Noninvasive In-Vivo Determination of Sunscreen-UVA Protection Factors
The development and evaluation of UVA (320–400 nm) sunscreens is important because UVA sunlight can penetrate deep into human skin and cause severe internal damage, as well as erythema and photoaging.
In Vivo Raman measurements of Human Skin