A-TEEM Fluorescence Spectroscopy for the Quick Detection of Adulteration in Lavender Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for therapeutic benefit, an approach that has been utilized for centuries. Essential oils (EOs) are a complex amalgam containing a variety of naturally derived compounds that have been purported to improve one’s physical and physiological well-being. Although most often used topically, some EOs are marketed to be inhaled or ingested, uses that demand exceptionally high-quality oils. That said, there is no centralized U.S. regulatory agency responsible to certify EOs for quality and purity. As the extraction of EOs from natural products often requires large quantities of the starting material to obtain appreciable yields, pure EOs can be quite expensive. Unethical manufacturers have an economic incentive to adulterate pure oils with cheaper alternatives that are difficult to detect by the standard analytical tools.

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Aqualog - A-TEEM Industrial QC/QA Analyzer
Aqualog - A-TEEM Industrial QC/QA Analyzer

A Simple, Fast, “Column Free” Molecular Fingerprinting Technology

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