NZ-5000 O2 In Situ Oxygen Monitor

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The HORIBA NZ-5000 instrument is an In Situ analyser which measures the value of O2 in process gases with exceptionally fast response and high levels of precision. The system can be used in extreme process conditions such as high dust load and aggressive or corrosive flue gas compositions. The system consists of a robust probe, which is inserted directly into the process gas stream, with a separate 19 inch electronic unit which also comes as an optional wall mounted version. The zirconia sensor is positioned directly into the flue gas located at the tip of the probe. Also, due its design and parts used, the NZ-5000 system is virtually maintenance free.


  • Approval according to EN15267 (in progress)
  • Continuous measurement of O2 in stack gas
  • Accuracy of measurement: deviation of only 0.2% from the measured value
  • Fully automatic calibration
  • Electronically monitored pneumatic unit for reference air and calibration gas(optional)
  • Storage of measured values
  • Freely adjustable output signals
  • Two freely adjustable measuring ranges
  • Double limit monitoring
  • Intuitive operation via soft keys
  • Status display with on-line help
  • Display capable of graphics with

- Digital display

- Plain-text display

- Bar-graph display

Fabriqué par HORIBA


Electronic Unit


Aluminium 19" 4HE; RAL9006; RAL7016

IP code



LC dot matrix 240 x 64 - LED backlit


Membrane keypad

Signal LEDs

Alarm-orange, maintenance-orange, error-red 


+-0,2% of measured value

ACAL (automatic calibration)

1 or 2 point automatic calibration

Reaction time


Pneumatic connections-gas entry

6mm pipe diameter

Pneumatic connections-gas exit

10mm pipe diameter

Pneumatic connections-instrument air entry

6mm pipe diameter

Main voltage

230V +-10% 50 to 60Hz
115V +-10% 50 to 60Hz

Power consumption

250VA (heating phase)
150VA (typical measuring mode)

Recommended fuse

6,3A T

Output signal O2

Active, 0/4 to 20mA
max. load 500Ohm, galvanically isolated

Relay contacts

24V AC/DC, 1A

Temperature range

-20°C to +55°C (other temperature ranges on request)

Interfaces (optional)

RS232, RS485; Foundation Fieldbus, HART (others on request)


Process gas temperature

Up to 600°C (standard)
Up to 800°C (optional)
Up to 1400°C (with cooling-tube)

Immersion depth

Standard lengths: 495mm, 925mm, 1835mm, 2768mm, 3682mm (other lengths on request)

Immersion depth with cooling tube

500mm / 1000mm
(other lengths on request)

Measuring principle

Ziconium oxide

Measurin range

0-100 vol.%

Process gas pressure

-50 to 50mbar

Flow velocity

0 to 50m/s

Ambient temperature

-40°C up to +80°C

Reaction time

0,5s (process flow velocity > 10m/sec.)


5,0s (process flow velocity > 10m/sec.)

Probe material

V4A (DIN 1,4571 / SS316Ti)

IP code


Detection limit

<1ppm O2


Westinghouse 218,255

CE marking

EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC