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About HORIBA Semiconductor Segment

The following HORIBA Group companies develop and manufacture products for the Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display and other high-tech industries.



Semiconductor Instruments & Systems

HORIBA offer a comprehensive range of fluid control and analytical solutions to improve yield, increase throughput and add value to the Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display (PD), Photovoltaic (PV) and related manufacturing and research establishments.

Featured Products

Residual Gas Analyser

Compact RGA system

Recent semiconductor processes have reached the nano level, and a topic of much concern is whether or not the prescribed chemical/physical response conditions can be reproduced consistently. In particular, attention has been focused on the measurement and analysis of residual gas in the reaction vessels of the various vacuum devices used in dry processes. HORIBA STEC offers a residual gas analyzer (RGA) with the world’s smallest quadropole mass spectrometer.. Click for information on our range equipment for dry process monitoring

CRITERION D200 series


The CRITERION D200 series is a pressure insensitive, wide range, high precision mass flow device. Stable flow rate control is guaranteed even with upstream and downstream pressure fluctuations. The advanced technology allows a turn down ration of 333:1 which means the user can control flows from 0.3% to full scale allowing a reduction in the number of gas lines.For more information on our range of mass flow controllers

HORIBA Group Companies

  • HORIBA - Analytical Instrumentation
  • HORIBA STEC - Fluid Control and Analysis
  • HORIBA Jobin Yvon - Thin Film Metrology & In-Situ Process Control
  • HORIBA Advanced Techno - Chemical Monitoring

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