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FPD Manufacturing Process

FPD Process

HORIBA have fostered various analysis, control, and evaluation technologies for the silicon semiconductor manufacturing processes; a field where strict specifications must be satisfied.

HORIBA makes full use of these technologies in the field of FPD processing. These technologies provide manufacturing support for various types of processes, including gas and liquid medication composition, the detection of particles on masks and thin film measurement. These technologies are also being applied to high-performance analytical and control equipment that supports the research and development of PDPs, organic EL, FEDs, and the diversifying and evolving field of FPDs.

FPD Manufacturing Process

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En savoir plus 51 series

Explosion-proof Gas Analyzer

En savoir plus CS-100 Series

Stand-alone Type Chemical Concentration Monitor

En savoir plus CS-100F1 Series

Fiber Optic Type Chemical Solution Concentration Monitor

En savoir plus CS-600F

Fiber Optic Type Chemical Concentration Monitor

En savoir plus CS-700

High Precision, High Stability Chemical Concentration Monitor

En savoir plus EV 2.0 Series

Endpoint / Chamber Health Monitor based on Optical Emission Spectroscopy and MWL Interferometry

En savoir plus FS-3000

Thermal Flow Splitter

En savoir plus GD-Profiler 2™

Discover a Whole New World of Information with Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometer

En savoir plus IR-400

High-grade type Gas Monitor for Chamber Cleaning End Point Monitoring

En savoir plus IT-480 series

High-Accuracy Infrared Thermometers [Stationary type]

En savoir plus LSC series

Compact Baking System

En savoir plus LU Series

Liquid Auto Refill System

En savoir plus QL-SG02

Quadrupole Mass Analyser

En savoir plus Partica LA-960V2

Laser Scattering Particle Size Distribution Analyzer

En savoir plus Process

Process Analyzer System

En savoir plus SEC-N100 Series

Digital Mass Flow Controller

En savoir plus SEC-Z500X Series

Multi Range/Multi Gas Digital Mass Flow Controller

En savoir plus SEC-Z700X Series

Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Controller

En savoir plus UVISEL 2 VUV

A versatile spectroscopic ellipsometer covering a large range from VUV to NIR

En savoir plus VC Series

Direct Liquid Injection System

En savoir plus XGT-7200

X-ray Analytical Microscope

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