The PE-D20 control unit integrates high frequency functions via the front panel controls.


The PE-D10 is a standalone unit for use with mass flow meters.


The PE series of dedicated power sources can be used as drive power sources for mass flow controllers, meters, and auto pressure regulator as well as for dedicated display units, and supply the standard flow rate setting voltage. The series includes a lineup of models that have flow rate alarm output function, models offering 0 signals and 4 to 20mA, and models that are capable of driving up to six units.

Display unit DU series

The DU-102E and DU-103K display the flow rate output signal from mass flow controllers and meters. Matching these units to the full-scale flow rate values of mass flow controllers and meters enables direct monitoring of control and measured flow rates.

Multifunctional digital controller DS-3

The DS-3 is a compact display and settings unit for mass flow controllers (DIN 48 × 48 mm). It displays both the actual flow rate value and the flow rate setting value simultaneously, and is equipped with a conversion factor value setting and valve control function (control condition settings: fully open/fully closed). It can also communicate digitally with digital mass flow controllers.

MFT20 mass flow controller tester image

The MFT-20 mass flow checker is a useful tool for equipment engineers to prove a fault with a mass flow controller before removing it.