Compact Process Gas Monitor MICROPOLE System

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The MICROPOLE system is one of the smallest complete mass spectrometer systems. The compact size is achieved by the patented design of miniature array of quadrupole mass filters. The array offers similar or greater sensitivity than conventional mass spectrometers but in a fraction of the volume. The system is capable of operating at much higher pressures than traditional systems, so the need for additional differential pumping equipment is reduced.

The sensors are factory pre-tuned and calibrated against transfer standards which allows direct interchangeability of the sensor by the user without the need for technical expertise to calibrate.


  •  Extremely compact size and lightweight
    1/20th size when compared to conventional residual gas analyzers makes it easy to integrate to your system.

  • High performance
    Mini array of 9 quadrupoles gives excellent sensitivity at a fraction of the volume of traditional quadrupoles. 

  •  High pressure operation
    Can be used at up to 0.9Pa (7mTorr, 9 x 10-3mbar) in many applications the need for expensive vacuum pumping is reduced or eliminated.

  • Interchangeable Sensor Head in calibration
    The sensor heads are pre-tuned and calibrated prior to shipment allowing the user to make sensor changes in the field without the need for fine tuning or technical expertise. 

  •  Network Sensors
    Up to eight sensors can be monitored by a single PC using RS-485. The systems can also be monitored remotely over Ethernet. 

  •  User friendly software
    Micropole Scanner™ software allows the user to monitor partial pressures of gases in various modes e.g. trend graph, analog graph, leak mode, bar graph, 3D…

  • Monitor Controller
    The optional Monitor Controller can be used on the chamber mounted directly on the Spectrum Generator, allowing the user to monitor the vacuum chamber without the need for a PC.

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Dimentions and image of the Compact Process Gas Monitor MICROPOLE System


■Measurement principle

The Residual Gas Analyzer consists of an ion source, a mass spectrometer, and a measurement section. The residual gas is ionized when it collides with the thermoelectrons discharged from the high-temperature filament, and the ions that are thereby created accelerate and converge onto the mass spectrometer. At the mass spectrometer, direct and alternating current voltages are applied to the four cylindrical electrodes (quadropoles), which allows the ions to be separated by mass. The separated ions are detected as electric current by the Faraday cup. The ion current is proportional to the mass (partial pressure) of the residual gas.

Micropole measurement principle

Micropole sensor


The feature that makes the MicroPole? System unique is the MicroPole? Analyzer (MPA), a grouping of nine quadropoles that takes full advantage of ultraprecision optical etching processing technology and glass/metal joint technology. The development of the MPA has enabled the creation of the world's smallest residual gas analyzer, while offering the same or better sensitivity as conventional, larger mass spectrometers. The analyzer is a plug-in unit. It features a sensor unit that has already been calibrated for partial pressures, and offers absolute total and partial pressure measurement.

            Compact Process Gas Monitor MICROPOLE System


  • Technical Article

A Residual Gas Analyzer for Dry Etching Process (2.8M)

"Concerning the dry process of the semiconductor device manufacturing, the monitoring of etching chamber conditions (pressure, temperature, gas concentration, ...) is crucial. This time, as a study of a new application, we examined the etching chamber management by using the residual gas analyzer.

Generally using a residual gas analyzer in a dry etching apparatus which uses halogen-containing gas has been being avoided because of concerns such as sensors life. By confirming the residual gas component in the chamber before etching, it was possible to illuminate the cleaning process."