Analysis of Free Carbon in SiC

Can free carbon in SiC be rapidly and conveniently quantified?

Customer needs

Silicon Carbonates (SiC) are used as abrasives and refractories due to its heat resistance and hardness. Since free carbon is contained in it during the production process, it is known to adversely affect the strength of sintered products, etc. It is necessary to quantify free carbon content.

The traditional measurement (wet method followed JIS) using the hydrofluoric acid method was dangerous and required three days or more for sample preparation before measurement. Hence, the customer asked if there was any safe ways to measure it in a short time.

Solved with EMIA-Step!!

Our NEW Gas Collection Mechanism(*) enabled us to analyze free carbon

  • In a short time
  • Good performance for sample with slow combustion such as free carbon

(*) Patent pending

Analysis of Free Carbon in SiC

Comparison of the data with or without a combustion gas collection mechanism

 Collect timeInt. timeMeas. time

Conventional method


New method


Customer feedback

Free carbon in SiC can be quantitatively analyzed safely in a short time compared with the traditional method using hydrofluoric acid. It shows good performance for samples with slow combustion such as free carbon using HORIBA's unique combustion gas collection mechanism, compared with conventional instruments.

Measurement time is also reduced from 10 min to 6 min, and customers are delighted.

Electric Furnace Type Carbon / Sulfur Analyzer: EMIA-Step


  • Measurement Principle: Combustion in an oxygen stream (tubular electric furnace system), NDIR (non-dispersive infrared absorption method)
  • Temperature rise function allows analysis by temperature
  • Analysis of high melting point materials by oxygen pressurized combustion method is possible

Reference Customers

  • Fine ceramics company
  • Glass company

Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer (Tubular Electric Resistance Heating Furnace Model)

Simultaneous measurement is also possible by combining with a high frequency combustion system.


Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer (Entry Model)

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