Quantum Dot Absorbance, Photoluminescence Spectra and Lifetimes

A-TEEM™ for Qtracker® 655 quantum dots

A-TEEM™ for Qtracker® 655 quantum dots shows that the emission peak wavelength does not change based on excitation wavelength

Quantum dots (QDs) are semiconducting spheres in the size typically in the range of 1 to 10nm. The size of these small spheres give quantum dots the semiconducting properties and resulting photoluminescence that would not necessarily occur for the same material on larger scales. QDs absorb over a broad range and have photoluminescence emission over a narrow range which can be tuned depending on the material from which the quantum dot is made and the size of the quantum dot. The photoluminescence follows the quantum confinement effect, where smaller quantum dots emit at higher energy (lower wavelength) and larger quantum dots emit at lower energy (higher wavelength).

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