Fluorescence Microscopy

FLIM Solutions and Fluorescence Microfluorometry

HORIBA offers stand-alone FLIM microscopes as well as steady state and time-resolved fluorescence microscopy enhancements with our modular spectrofluorometers.

FLIM Microscope Solutions

Modular Solutions

Confocal Laser Scanning FLIM

InverTau™ is our new confocal laser scanning FLIM platform. InverTau is fully software controlled and designed to fit on the side port of an inverted fluorescence microscope. You can build your own microscope system around the InverTau platform, or buy a complete microscope system from HORIBA. InverTau can be enhanced to acquire real-time wide field video rate FLIM up to 30 frames per second with the addition of FLIMera. Versatile solutions are always available with local support.

  • Affordable laser scanning unit for FLIM studies
  • Fully computer-controlled confocal optics, with the intuitive EzTime™ Image software, minimizes set up time and increases productivity
  • Simply switch from confocal laser scanning to widefield imaging with the addition of FLIMera
  • Real time video display up to 6 fps with InverTau, and up to 30 fps with FLIMera
  • Intuitive software and automated optics minimize setup time and increase productivity

Wide Field Video Rate FLIM Dynamics

The HORIBA FLIMera camera is a new concept in FLIM technology. It is a wide field imaging camera, rather than a confocal point scanning system, with the intrinsic benefit of being able to study FLIM dynamics at video rates with a SPAD array camera technology that is very simple to implement. Each of the 24,576 pixels has its own TCSPC architecture, acquiring simultaneous decays for all pixels at up to 30 frames per second.

  • Fluorescence Lifetime Mapping (FLIM)

Steady State and Time Resolved Modular Fluorometer Microscopes

HORIBA fluorescence spectroscopy solutions can be added to an inverted or upright fluorescence microscope. Many of the steady state and time-resolved experiments that are performed macroscopically in our various fluorometers, can also be performed on the microscopic scale with the addition of the appropriate optical coupling to a fluorescence microscope.

  • Nanolog: Single point UV-Vis-NIR spectra and decays, plus spectral mapping with CCD
  • Fluoromax Plus: Single point UV-Vis spectra and decays, plus spectral mapping
  • Fluorolog-QM: Single point UV-Vis-NIR spectra and decays

Fluorescence microfluorimetry is used for intra- and intercellular biochemistry, PV efficiency analysis, crystal structure of geological specimens, nanotechnology and nanoparticles, materials science, textiles, quality-control of pharmaceuticals, even detection of anomalous features on counterfeit banknotes.

A-TEEM Spectroscopy

A-TEEM Spectroscopy

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Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Platform


SPAD array imaging camera for dynamic FLIM studies at real time video rates

FluoroMax Plus
FluoroMax Plus

Steady State and Lifetime Benchtop Spectrofluorometer


Modular Research Fluorometer for Lifetime and Steady State Measurements


Steady State and Lifetime Nanotechnology EEM Spectrofluorometer

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